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Colts at Jacksonville Post-Game Quotes

JacksonvilleJaguars vs.

JacksonvilleJaguars vs. *IndianapolisColts *

Post Game Quotes

Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy

(on the game)  "I'm obviously very proud of our guys.  They came out and played well.  This was a great environment.  When we hit this town last night everyone was jacked up about them Jaguars.  Jacksonville is playing well.  We came in here and got that good first drive I thought that set the tone.  Defensively I felt we just did enough to keep them off the scoreboard early.  It was a team effort.  That's the way we've been.  We seem to know what it is going to take for that particular game and we seem to respond.  I'm very proud of these guys, three division championships in a row.  It's unique.  We got a good team that plays together well and plays hard and right now we're playing pretty well.  Next week we got a game against San Diego, I know you all want to know about that.  It's an AFC game and a home game and we definitely want to win it, we're going to play to win and we'll go from there.  We're going to keep our mantra one game at a time, we're going to do everything we can to beat San Diego and we're not going to look ahead."

(on what point does he contemplate resting his starters for the rest of the regular season)  "We'll talk about it.  But like I said next week is game we want to win.  We definitely want to play well at home.  That's what we've done all year is not look to far ahead, just look at the next game and that's what we'll do."

(on setting the tone of the game by scoring on the first drive in four straight games)  "First drive is big.  Somebody showed me a stat that we haven't been behind since the St. Louis game earlier in the year.  Our offense coming out and scoring early, it does help you.  When your playing with a lead it makes a big difference, we were able to get up on these guys.  We knew they wanted to run the ball and use the clock and once we got ahead we were able to not let that happen.  It's important to come out and play well and we got a veteran team were it doesn't matter where we are at whether on the road or at a home they can come out and get that done especially on offense."

(on the third down at the end on whether to run the ball and run the clock or throw the ball)  "We've got who I think is the best player in the NFL.  We wanted to give him a chance to win the game.  We decided to do that and he made a play, him and Dallas (Clark) hooked up and the game was over.  So rather than take it down with no timeouts.  You'd still like to think you would hold them on defense but you have a chance to win it right there and that's what we decided to do."

(on the role of the players will have in deciding a

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