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Cincinnati Bengals Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on excitement of game between Colts and Bengals) “Our object is to get a win.

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HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on excitement of game between Colts and Bengals)

"Our object is to get a win.  I don't know about entertainment."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on Chad Johnson toning down his act this year)

"I don't know about that, I think the key thing is, what you want to have from your good players is to make sure they are doing everything they can to make us a better team and make other people better. I think as Chad has realized that, he's continued to grow that way and that's been a big part. He's had, I think, probably an even more successful season than what he had last year."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on Chad Johnson's focus being better)

"I don't know about focus. He's always focused and that's never been an issue.  It's just a matter of making sure at the end of the day we're a better team."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on celebrations and signs)

"Well yes, the good thing is we kind of took most of that stuff out with the rules, so that goes beyond the way-side, which is important to do. So again, it comes right back to the team and the game.  That's what is important."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on how much attention is paid to Colts injures and how it will change Cincinnati's offensive approach)

"You don't pay much attention to that. You have to pay attention to the looks they present and so forth. You know they're going to have eleven guys over there and we are going to have to block them and protect and run and pass and do the things that we do. Regardless of who's there, we really can't worry about, until they come and line-up, who's going to be over there. "

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on the Bengals' current winning streak)

"We just kept doing things the way that we are coached to do them and at the end of the day, we end up with more points.  That's it. We were doing things and maybe not quite getting the plays we needed to be made when we lost some football games and we won some games early, both.  But we have been a little more consistent through this stretch and we realize our backs are up against the wall.  We came out and we've made plays in the game which have made a difference at the outcome."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on his assessment of minority hiring)

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