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C-Jeff Saturday Quotes

              C-JEFF SATURDAY (on the Ravens defense) “We talked about it from the beginning of the week.


C-JEFF SATURDAY (on the Ravens defense)

"We talked about it from the beginning of the week.  They're probably the best defense that we've faced as a whole this season.  Going in you know they're going to bring you a lot of different looks.  They're going to try to show you a lot of different stuff.  You just don't want to compound problems.  You know there are going to be things you don't necessarily pick up the best.  You just don't want to get beat man-on-man.  If you do have a guy blocked, you can't give up pressure from him if a guy comes free because of a mistake.  You kind of go on to the next play.  You just have to be real consistent with these guys.  You don't want to give them balls they can take away.  They do pride themselves on taking the ball away, creating points, and they're very good at it.  As we approach this, we want to make sure we control the ball, make good decisions, don't give them a short field, kind of make them play ball control as well."

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on playing a 3-4 defense)

"I think you try to make things as simple as possible.  As we go in you don't want to make it more complicated for yourselves.  As we go in each week we start out with a, 'What's going to make this easy for all of us?'  As we look at their blitz packages and as we look at that way they play, we just want to try and make them as simple as we can.  If it requires us running the ball more, that's the thing.  Obviously we want to protect Peyton and make sure that he's protected.  A lot of it is going to be him (Peyton) just identifying who his hot guy is.  They obviously have a reason for what they're doing.  There is no real rhyme or reason as you're looking at them what they're trying to get done.  As we look at them, we just want to make sure that we don't create problems for ourselves.  Just keep it simple."

* *

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on being confident as a team in a non-verbal manner)

"Obviously we don't have many guys on our team that do a lot of talking.  It's just two different styles.  They've (Baltimore) obviously been very good at what they've done for a long time and so have we.  That's just not our style. We don't have to tell people what we do.  We just want to go out and be really efficient.  That's what we've talked about all week; 'Let's be smart with what we do.  Let's make them make plays.'  They pride themselves on it, so let's make them do that.  That's really the way we're going at them.  We don't have to talk about what we're going to do. We just want to go out and play really good football."

* *

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on running against Baltimore)

"They are a tough team

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