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Buffalo Bills Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on looking for a win in Indy this week) “Yes, just what we’re looking for.

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HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on looking for a win in Indy this week)

"Yes, just what we're looking for. We're excited about the opportunity but we know it's going to be an unbelievable challenge for us."

HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on how QB-JP Losman is doing? Is he doing a better job of maturing?)

"Yes, he is. Last week, he certainly did. We didn't have any turnovers, which was huge in our win against Green Bay. Terrific young guy with a great work ethic. He's got a strong arm. He's athletic. I do believe that he's getting a little better every week and that's all we're asking from him. Just keep progressing, keep studying, keep working at it, and he does. He's really kind of tireless in that regard. I have confidence in the long run and hopefully, we all want it to happen yesterday, but as it moves along here, I do believe we're going to have a real good quarterback."

HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on QB-JP Losman's mobility and threat on the ground…has he learned when to run and when not to?)

"We're getting there. It's kind of the curse of talent or physical tools. All their lives, guys have been blessed with mobility and they've been able to escape and make plays with their feet. Now when they get to this level, it's still a valuable tool, but you've got to learn there are a lot of other things. You're not going to win consistently with that tool, that mobility."

HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on playingsome good games against good teams, is 3-5 you are what you are or could you be better?)

"Well, I always think we could be better. Every game we play, I know we can play better. But in terms of record, if that's all we're talking about here, I think we are where we should be because that's what we did. We did it, it happened, teams made the plays to beat us that beat us and we made the plays to beat them to beat them. That's where we are. We'll live with it. Our guys work hard. They're a good group of guys. They're not afraid to give effort. And I believe we're going to go grow into a good football team."

HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on if the formula to beat the Colts is to run the football, keep Peyton Manning off the field, and when he is, apply pressure?)

"You've got to try to keep the ball away from him. That's certainly no revelation. It's not untrue every week in our business. You'd love to keep the ball with your offense, out of the hands of the opponents' offense, and eat up the clock and score. You'd like all those things to happen. The difference with the Colts is when they have the ball, they generally score. They score a lot of points and they do it consistently. All of your opponents don't do that, obviously, they don't do that as consistently, so it becomes much more critical. But the formula for winning doesn't change in our league from week to week, just the critical necessity to do it constantly against this team because they move the ball so well and they score points so well."

HEAD COACH DICK JAURON (on if the Colts force you to do some things differently on offense because you know you have to take chances to score?)

"In that regard, I think every game is a little different. I'm sure most people in the business have experienced this. You can have what you think are great plans for the game and suddenly it takes a different course and you've got to alter those plans. We plan for every game and we see what presents itself, what's going well and what's not, and we try to stick with those things. But, again, you've got to keep the ball as much as you possibly can. And every aspect of our game, we'll have to play at its top level, at its best, to keep ourselves in this football game."

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