Brody Eldridge Quotes

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on his reaction to being drafted by the Colts) “I’m very excited. There are no words.

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on his reaction to being drafted by the Colts)

"I'm very excited. There are no words.  When I got the call it shocked me, it hit me after I hung up.  I'm very excited."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on any prior interest shown by the Colts)

"I really didn't know who was interested.  I told him (agent Van McElroy) I kind of wanted it to be a surprise.  I didn't want to know what was going on."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on if he had any previous visits with the Colts)

"No, they didn't."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on the type of player he is)

"I'm a get-it-done type.  Whatever role they put me in I'll be ready to go.  I played four different positions at Oklahoma.  Whatever I need to do, I'll do."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on playing on the offensive line)

"I played center, guard, tight end and fullback."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on playing last year and how it helped him)

"The fact that I played after they moved me to O-line, that helped me out a lot.  It showed my versatility.  That really did a lot for me."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on maintaining a sense of where he was on O-Line)

"I played in that offense for four years.  I kind of knew every position.  It really didn't matter where they wanted me to go."

TE-BRODY ELDRIDGE (on his approach to being versatile)

"At first they just asked me to do it.  You don't tell (Head Coach) Bob Stoops no.  Then I realized how much it was helping me out."

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