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Brandon Stokley Conference Call Quotes

WR- Brandon Stokley On being healthy: “It feels good. Finally I can go out there and play and show my ability, show that I belong here.

WR- Brandon Stokley

On being healthy:

"It feels good. Finally I can go out there and play and show my ability, show that I belong here. It's been a while and I think being healthy, I can show everybody what I can do."

On the receivers having exceptional communication with Peyton Manning:

"It's huge. No matter where we play we can always communicate, home or away. That goes back to all the work we put in the offseason and during the week. A lot of it's on Peyton. Without him, it would be tough for us to be as good as we are as far as communicating and executing,"

On what he does to signal what he wants the receivers to do:

"Sometimes it's a head nod. Sometimes it's signals. We mix it up from game to game, so people won't get onto it by watching film. So, we're always mixing things up—hand signals, head nods, or those types of things."

On what makes Peyton so special:

"His work. Obviously he's gifted and has all the tools, but its hard work he puts in every week. All the film study, all the extra hours preparing. He's responsible for so much on this offense. If people only knew how much he was responsible for so much on this offense, getting guys where they need to be, getting offensive linemen picking up on blitzes, making sure the running backs are going to the right places. Things like that. So, he has to put in a lot of work during the week."

On if Tom Moore is an unsung hero on the offense:

"I think without a doubt. He's the one that draws up the X's and O's. We have to go out there and execute it, but he's doing a great job of calling the game and putting us in the position to be successful."

On his time with Baltimore:

"I had a great time there. It was four great years. Like you said, there were some ups and downs and some disappointments there with some injuries. I'll never forget my time there, I'm thankful for those four years. I got a Super Bowl ring and met some great people."

On the Ravens' secondary and facing Deion Sanders:

"I thought [Gary] Baxter would be the one moving inside, usually he covers the slot. So, whoever it is, it's going to be a fun match up. They've got three really good cornerbacks out there and a very good secondary, so it's going to be fun. Anytime you play against Deion Sanders, it always adds a nice element to the game."

On his role as the third receiver:

"I think with our running game being so good right now and people looking at Marvin [Harrison], him attracting all that attention, it has opened up a lot for me. I still have to run and get open, catch the ball and make plays after that, but it certainly helps out."

On if he knows if he will see the ball a lot or if it happens on game day.

"Not really. That's the great thing about this offense, is you really don't know going into a game. The way it's played out this year, a couple guys have big games two or three weeks in a row, one guy won't and the next week that guy will. It's been like that all season for us, so it's been nice. Everybody's getting their turns. In this offense, you're not going to have a huge game every week and Peyton does a great job of spreading the ball around."

On if getting 48 touchdowns will be a relief for Peyton:

"Get over it and put it behind him and just focus on winning games. That's all he's really focused on right now, winning games and keeping our offense going. I know that would be a huge relief for him not to answer those questions anymore."

On how big a concern Ed Reed is:

"He's a huge concern. Anytime you get a guy like him out there. Every game you see him on the highlight film making interceptions, making sacks, causing fumbles, just big plays. You have to know where he is and you have to account for a guy like that."

On if he's looking forward to going against the Ravens' defense:

"Without a doubt. I consider them the best defenses in the league. They've got speed, they're aggressive, and they've got a very good secondary. It's going to be a great match up. I know we're looking forward to it, I know they're looking forward to it. It ought to be a fun game."

On Mike Nolan being the defensive coordinator:

"I had a great year with him [as my receiver's coach], he's a great man. It's going to be fun seeing everyone again and I'm just really looking forward to the game."

On what past defenses have done to try to contain their passing game:

"Everything you can think of. No matter what you see on film, usually on Sunday's we see something different. Some teams will play it safe and play off, some teams will blitz us a lot and try to confuse us, really whatever you think of they've tried."

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