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You've Got To See This Never-Before-Aired Bob Sanders 'This Is SportsCenter' Commercial

For years, we've all enjoyed ESPN's popular "This Is SportsCenter" commercials. Recently, a never-before-aired SC commercial starring former Indianapolis Colts star safety Bob Sanders was unearthed, and of course we have the full analysis right here.


For 25 years now, sports fans across the world have been treated to ESPN's "This Is SportsCenter" commercials.

Whether it's the professional athlete cameos, the mascots sitting at random desks in the background, or just the general hilarity that ensues, these 30-second (sometimes shorter) spots always seem to hit the right note.

And, thanks to longtime ESPN host Steve Levy, we now know of one "This Is SportsCenter" commercial starring a beloved former star Indianapolis Colts safety that, unfortunately, never made it to air.

Levy, sharing a couple never-before-seen tidbits (the other one starring former MLB slugger Manny Ramirez), recently tweeted about a commercial he filmed with the Colts' Bob Sanders that didn't ever make it to viewers' TVs:

Thanks to the power of the internet (and specifically to Indy radio sports host Derek Schultz), that never-before-aired Sanders ESPN commercial has been unearthed.

You can watch that entire spot by clicking here; below, we break down the action in GIFs:

Levy and and his buddy Sanders — who, of course, is in his full Colts uniform — are walking the halls of ESPN's offices one September afternoon. The topic of discussion? Italian food.

"...Pizza, pasta, pizza, pasta, and I go with the chicken parmesan, 'cause I'm gonna be nice..." Levy is saying.

-------------------- (1)

Sanders suddenly holds out his muscular right arm to stop Levy.

"Woah!" as both look up to the ceiling.

All of a sudden, a ceiling tile comes crashing to the ground.

"...How did you know that was gonna happen?" Levy asks.

"I'm a safety," Sanders responds. "I'm always a step ahead."

-------------------- (2)

"Riiiiight," Levy says, with a little bit of doubt in his voice.

"Bless you," Sanders says.

"What?" Levy answers, incredulously.

Suddenly, Levy sneezes.

-------------------- (3)

Sanders pats Levy on the back.

"I'm gonna run and get you some club soda," Sanders says, and he walks off.

"...Alright," Levy says with a nod.

-------------------- (4)


Levy collides with a mail cart being pushed by what we can assume is a young ESPN intern. Coffee goes all over his shirt and tie.

He'll need that club soda now.

"Amazing!" says Levy, who is now a believer.

-------------------- (5)

Levy gives the intern a little glance as he steps around the cart and walks off camera.

Cue the "This Is SportsCenter," and ... scene.


While we're at it, let's take a look at three other Colts-related "This Is SportsCenter" commercials from over the last 25 years:

1995: In one of the earliest "This Is SportsCenter" spots, anchor/reporter Dan Patrick is in an Indianapolis operating room, where then-Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh is in the middle of surgery (wearing his full uniform, of course).

2006: The Manning family is taking a tour of the ESPN digital center with anchor John Anderson, but Peyton and Eli aren't exactly behaving like angels in the back. Their dad, Archie, tries to settle things down with one of those "knock it off" glances, but Peyton gets in the final shot.

2007: Adam Vinatieri is trying to get through the metal detectors at ESPN headquarters, but his four Super Bowl rings are causing an issue, much to the chagrin of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly behind him in line.

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