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Bob Sanders Conference Call

BOB SANDERS – Safety IndianapolisColts Q&A –   Q.

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Q&A –

Q.            Bob, what's been the difference with the defense in these last couple of games, especially against the run? 

BOB SANDERS:  I think it's attitude, everyone being passionate about it, wanting to go out and win and wanting to be the team where we don't have to really rely on our offense. 

And I think everyone has done a great job.  We know what type of defense we are.  We know we can play well.  It's just when it was going to be the week we'll step it up and actually just do the things we need to do. 

And I think we just kind of picked it up postseason.

Q.            Did you guys ever get tired of hearing about how bad you were against the run and did it motivate you at all?

BOB SANDERS:  We didn't really get tired of it.  You just don't listen to it.  You're going to get criticized if you are the last team in the league rush defense wise.  And we didn't really worry about it. 

We knew that we just had to focus on getting better every week and practicing well and keep on preparing like we have been all year and things will turn around for us.

Q.            Bob, after the Baltimore game, you mentioned that after the Baltimore game, last week, you said that maybe last year was set up too perfectly.  Everybody thought you were going to win the conference and go on to the Super Bowl.  What's your feeling now that things sort of fell into place to give you this home game?  Is it too perfect now or are you still think it's a big battle? 

BOB SANDERS:  I think it's a battle.  We definitely have some tough opponents, definitely a tough opponent this week and we've just got to keep working and get better.  As long as we're in the details, everyone is doing their job. 

I definitely think we'll be fine.

Q.            What adjustments do you think you've made on defense in the playoffs compared to what happened during the regular season?

BOB SANDERS:  Like I said, one guy can't really come in and change things around.  We have the same personnel that we had all season.  A couple guys here and there changed up.  But other than that, like I said, I just think it's all about attitude and everyone being passionate about it and wanting to win.

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