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Indianapolis Colts

Bluffton Make It Personal Tour

On Thursday, June 4th, the Colts Make It Personal tour traveled to Bluffton, Indiana for the second stop. Colts linebacker Freddy Keiaho and offensive tackle Michael Toudouze attended the event to meet Bluffton fans for an autograph session.


Second Indianapolis Colts Make It Personal Tour in Bluffton

Fans of all ages waited patiently in line, excited for their turn to meet Freddy Keiaho and Michael Toudouze. Air Blue made an appearance, receiving huge grins and countless high fives from fans.

The Colts In Motion traveling museum was set up, and fans enjoyed the interactive activities as they learned about the Colts. Fans registered to win free pre-season tickets to see the Colts play at Lucas Oil Stadium, and kids signed up for the Colts Kids Club. Several Colts sponsors attended the event, including the Indiana Office of Energy, Outdoor Patio, College Choice 529, and the Indiana Blood Center.

The Indiana Blood Center had a booth where fans could donate blood to the organization. Fans could look through brochures to learn about the Indiana Blood Center, donate blood, and receive a blue Colts slushy. The Indiana Blood Center uses mobile units to collect blood from donors all over the State of Indiana.

Each day, the Indiana Blood Center aims to collect at least 550 units of blood from its mobile units and branches. The collected blood will be donated for use in surgeries, transfusions, and any other procedure that may require extra blood to help keep a patient alive.

Branches of the Indiana Blood Center collect platelets from blood that goes to helping Leukemia patients. Appointments to donate platelets can be set up at most branches. The Indiana Blood Center makes donating blood to save lives convenient and easy.

Dawn Boone and Kristine King from the Indiana Blood Center say their favorite part of working for the organization is saving lives.

"It's why we're here," said Boone and King, "Even if only one life was saved, it would be worth it."

The Indiana Blood Center will have a mobile blood donation unit at every Colts Make It Personal location this summer. The organization's favorite part of each Make It Personal stop?

"That's easy," said one Indiana Blood Center employee, "The donors and Air Blue!"

For more information on donating to the Indiana Blood Center, visit

The Colts will make their next Make It Personal stop on Monday, June 8th, at Central Elementary School in Sullivan. For more information on upcoming Make It Personal stops, visit

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