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Bill Polian and Tony Dungy Sunday Draft Quotes

PRESIDENT- BILL POLIAN (on the surprise of running back Mike Hart being on the board when the Colts drafted) Thursday “Not surprising.  The 40 time pretty much indicated that’s where he would end up.

PRESIDENT- BILL POLIAN (on the surprise of running back Mike Hart being on the board when the Colts drafted) *Thursday *

"Not surprising.  The 40 time pretty much indicated that's where he would end up.  We've had success with James Mungro with that 40 time so why wouldn't you have success with Mike Hart?"

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the versatility of running back Mike Hart)

"He does.  I believe he does.  The fact that he played fullback on the goal line and wing back on the goal line indicates to that he can do it.  He's got good hands.  He can catch the ball and run after the catch.  He'll be fine there."

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the defensive line in this draft)

"Well, we got (Marcus) Howard.  That's a rush end.  We will have signed two defensive tackles that we really think highly of as collegiate free agents.  We'll get another rush end as a collegiate free agent, so all in all we've addressed it that way.  After you got past the top of the second round, you weren't going to get any big-name rushers."

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on relying on the draft for depth at certain positions)

"I don't think so.  For the last five years, after (Dwight) Freeney, when we first got the defense to where it was respectable and growing, we really looked at it as a 53-man team.  So we make these choices with the 53-man squad in mind.  Keyunta Dawson is a prime example.  We took Keyunta Dawson and thought maybe he'd be an end and John (Teerlinck) got him for three days in camp and said he is a tackle and we said, 'Fine, he's a tackle.'  We got Ed (Johnson) after the draft and said, 'Fine, he's a tackle, terrific.'  If you get good players, and the players with the kind of attribute that we're looking for, then the coaches will put them in the right position.  We'll have the 53 best that we can put on the field.  That's the way we look at it."

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on if Pierre Garcon will challenge for the kick return role)

"We'll see. I think it's a little much to ask of him coming out of Division III.  That's a tough job.  I think we'll let him get his feet wet as a receiver first, but who knows, we'll see."

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on bringing in linebacker Roosevelt Colvin)

"We'll see.  We'll sit down and talk about that tomorrow.  Right now we want to make sure we have our free agents signed, then we'll line the roster up and then we'll see where we go from there."

HEAD COACH-TONY DUNGY (General Comments) Sunday

"We hit the offense a little harder than we usually do but we drafted a lot of good young defensive players last year and a lot of those guys got to play with our injury situation.  We talked about really addressing the offensive line since I've been here.  We kind of let (Offensive Line Coach) Howard (Mudd) do it through smoking mirrors and an occasional later choice.  We did feel like there was some quality offensive linemen that we could get that could really help us.  It was time to address that.  We did that and we feel good about it.  We think it's going to add competition to our offensive line and help make up for some of the guys we lost the last couple of years.  And we also go

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