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Bengals' Head Coach Marvin Lewis Conference Call

  HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on their approach this week) “It’s our first game of our season and we are opening up with the Indianapolis Colts.  That’s what I told our guys today.

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on their approach this week)

"It's our first game of our season and we are opening up with the Indianapolis Colts.  That's what I told our guys today."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on one game at a time approach)

"We've always bought into the one game at a time, that's how every coach is."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on building the Bengals' organization)

"The thing that I've tried to do is bring people here that work and act as professionals every day 24/7, and I think that's the biggest thing, that we have a job to do and let's make sure we do our job to the best of our ability.  I just can't accept mediocrity in anything we do."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on the Colts approach each week)

"They had to listen to all the [hype] two weeks ago before they went up to New England.  You play each football game based on that game."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on WR-Chad Johnson's obscure behavior)

"Well, people really don't know Chad and how hard he works.  Too much is made of what is very little.  Every player has a way in the NFL of getting themselves ready against the team they are playing against each and every week.  I think every coach knowing how he practices everyday and how he prepares appreciates that.  We all go out and out our stamp on our work everyday.  When it comes down to it, it is you and that guys across from you and playing that way."

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on QB-Carson Palmer being compared to QB-Peyton Manning)

"Well he's continued to do the things right like taking care of the football, handling the offense the way we need things done.  I think everyone around him has stepped up their game.  I hope that we look back at the end of the season and we feel he has played as well as Peyton plays each and every day.  We've tried to encourage Carson since the day we drafted him to emulate as much of Peyton as he can.  Kind of be a fly on the wall around him and talk to him.  I encouraged Carson to seek him out as much as he could."


"Just his whole entire approach to everything since he left Tennessee, I was there the day he worked out for everybody.  That's the kind of guy you want to lead your football team." 

HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS (on if Peyton is still getting better)

"Oh, I think so, no question.  He has such a command of what they want to do offensi

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