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Avon Make It Personal Tour

On Monday, June 15th, Superfan Michael Hopson came to the Avon Make It Personal stop to enjoy his fellow Colts fans and meet Colts player Charlie Johnson and Mike Pollak.


Superfan Michael Hopson Comes Out To Support The Colts

Since 1992, Michael Hopson has been a dedicated Colts fan, attending every Colts event possible. These days, Hopson travels up to 80 miles to attend a Colts event, and schedule depending, will travel even further.

Hopson thinks of himself as Superfan, the ultimate Colts fan. He was chosen as the 2008 Biggest Colts Fan, and rightly so. Since he became a fan, Hopson has been dressing wildly to show his team spirit. As time has progressed, so has his Colts ensemble. Hopson can be seen at most Colts events decked out from head to toe in Colts attire.

At the Make It Personal stop in Avon on Monday, June 15th, Hopson arrived wearing his signature outfit. The outfit is made up of fleece, Colts clothing, Colts mini-helmets, and other Colts items. Hopson tops off the outfit with a wild blue wig, a plastic pony hat, and crazy Colts sunglasses.

He even goes as far as to dye his mustache blue!

How did Hopson's outfit reach its extreme level?

"I've always dressed way up for Colts events," said Hopson. "I just decided to go further than I'd gone before."

Hopson began dressing up for Colts events since he became a fan. He started out wearing wigs and other Colts gear, and decided to show just how much he loved the team by dressing up in the most crazy outfit he could come up with.

"I started with my outfits, and then looked at what other fans for other teams were doing, and I built on what I'd seen," said Hopson.

The Superfan outfit makes an appearance at every Colts related event that Hopson is able to attend. Hopson wears the outfit to charity events, autograph sessions, games, and any other Colts event he attends. He has met nearly the entire Colts team over the years, and has loved every minute of it. The evidence of his meetings can be seen on his shoulders, where two Colts mini-helmets decorated with Colts signatures sit.

Hopson added the signatures of Charlie Johnson and Mike Pollak at Monday's Make It Personal stop. The Superfan also posed for countless pictures with fellow Colts fans, and showed off his outfit and team spirit to younger generations of Colts fans.

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