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August 7, a.m. Quotes-Full

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (opening comments) “Today’s practice went along as planned. We really tired to focus in on our goal-line and short yardage (packages), just the installation of that, and often times it’s similar to a meeting on the field with a little bit more movement.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (opening comments) * *

"Today's practice went along as planned. We really tired to focus in on our goal-line and short yardage (packages), just the installation of that, and often times it's similar to a meeting on the field with a little bit more movement. The guys did a good job in terms of concentrating and trying to make certain that we get into position to execute our technique. This afternoon we'll go back out and put the pads on and hopefully we'll have a little  heat to deal with and a little humidity as well. I'm looking forward to it."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on the goal-line and short yardage packages)

"In a number of cases here, what we're trying to do is make certain … that we have enough people at different positions. So, we work a number of different scenarios and situations just in case, at some point during the year, we may have to (use players in a different position)."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on his first week as the head coach)

"It's really something in this game, accountability kind of spreads its way around the entire staff. Even if you're coaching a position, you have some accountability and responsibility for that, whether you're one of the guys working in our administration, there's accountability and responsibility in that position. Mine is no different. I do have some responsibilities, and I am accountable for what we do. So, that's no different except for the fact it's a bit broader than before."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on WR-Pierre Garcon's progression)

" Pierre is making real good progress. He, obviously, has some tools to work with, a guy that runs well, he has good, strong hands, and I think he's getting a real good dose of our offense. He's been working at it all along. Last year and last spring he got a real good feel for it. I can just see him progressing. He's getting a little bit better every single day. If he continues to work hard, I think he'll be fine."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on having Senior Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore and Senior Offensive Line Coach Howard Mudd rejoin the team)

"It certainly has helped us. I don't want to understate that because of the fact that you don't find guys that have the type of experience they have. Over the years they've both been a real calming force to our entire unit. Their expertise is invaluable. To have them back, there is not really a shift in what we do, it's a very smooth transition in that way. But I also want to state too that while Howard and Tom were away, (Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers) Clyde (Christensen) and (Offensive Quality Control/Assistant Offensive Line Coach) Pete (Metzelaars) did a tremendous job. I really feel that, that was very smooth as well. They understand the system, they were able to adjust with it and fortunately pretty much everybody on that side of the ball has been with us for a long period of time. Having them back in position really makes things work well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if Senior Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore and Senior Offensive Line Coach Howard Mudd act more excited since they rejoined the team)

"Well, (Tom) was excited. I know when I talked to him, when we knew he was coming back, you could hear it in his voice. He was anxious to get back. Howard felt the same way as well. Both guys are true professionals. Both guys love this game, they've dedicated their lives to it, and they've been excellent at it as well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if he thinks the team is ahead of schedule of where he thought they'd be one week into camp)

"I'm not certain you ever get ahead of schedule. I don't know if you'll ever get that feeling, simply because of the fact that our game is such a work in progress, things change, and there are so many variables each and every day that you have to contend with, injuries and so forth. I do feel good about where we are right now. I do know for a fact that we need to keep getting better. This league is so competitive, there is such a small margin between those that are winning consistently and those that haven't done so well. We have to keep fighting to make certain that we have an opportunity to stay on top."

* *

* *

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on RB-Mike Hart returning from a knee injury sooner than expected)

"I always tell those guys, young guys heal fast, and that is indeed the case. They heal quickly. He has done a tremendous job in terms of diligent rehab, and he's back out there a lot sooner than maybe what most people might think. He's in great shape. He's doing well."

SR. OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR TOM MOORE (on being back with the Colts and the memories with the Colts)

"It's great. That's the single best thing I can say. It's great for a lot of reasons. A lot of my greatest memories in football are with this team. I remember coming here twelve years ago. The first game we played Miami. It almost seemed like there were more Miami people at the stadium. To see this whole thing grow is just a blessing. I work for the best owner in professional football and of course everything starts at the top. Bill Polian is the absolute best. Now I have an opportunity to work with Jim Caldwell, who is excellent. He's a great choice for head coach. I couldn't be happier. He deserves it and he'll do a great job. I'd like to be a part of it. I don't believe in entitlements. I don't think people are entitled to this and that. It's a privilege for me. I have an opportunity to work with this great organization and work with great players. I'm happy to be a part of it."

SR. OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR TOM MOORE (on things working out for his return)

"I'm an eternal optimist. I was hoping and it's a privilege. I feel very blessed during my career to have an opportunity to work with the Colts. It's a tremendous feeling."

SR. OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR TOM MOORE (on how much longer he'll coach)

"I don't know that."

SR. OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR TOM MOORE (on if he'll know when it's time)

"Probably not. Someone will probably have to tell me and that's OK. I always thought I'd retire when no one else would hire me. In the same token, I think you have to be realistic with yourself. You want to make sure you can be an integral part. As I've told people, I don't ever want to be one of those people who just hang around. I have too much pride for that."

* *

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on what people should expect from the defense)

"I think really what we do is no different than what they've done in the past. Anything that we're doing they've had in the past here. I think the big deal that we're trying to do is the mindset of stopping the run game. They are playing really hard and (racing) to the ball, which was a (former head) coach (Tony) Dungy deal. I think we have to recapture that a little bit, run to the ball, everybody, frenetically. I think the night practice was the first time that we had seen an improvement in that area. Otherwise, it's a normal camp, and we have to rag on them some to get them to do that. I think they know what we want to do, and how we want to do it."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on moving guys around on the defense)

"I think they've always wanted to be attacking. I'll be honest with you, I think that was (former head) Coach (Tony) Dungy. We want to get after them physically. I think the guys are buying into that. We'll be aggressive, but really when it comes right down to it, there's nothing structurally that is any different. We're just trying to play aggressively, and I think the other thing that we have to do is become students of the game. Pro football is a game of mental preparation. What you prepare to do that is what you're going to do. If you don't prepare you're going to fail. You can't play full speed unless you're prepared to play full speed. That's an emphasis to, to mentally prepare."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on if he brought "Blitzburgh" here)

"No. I did that one time, we did "Blitzburgh", and we won 13 games, but I think that's for a special time and a special place. We were "Blitzburgh" because we couldn't rush with four. I think here everybody knows we have a chance to rush with four."


"The run game we've been in the bottom third for a long period of time. Third down we've been in the 30s, and we can't do that. It has to do with number of plays in the drive, teams can eat up the clock. We can't let that happen. We have got to get better on third down and that's a state of mind too. We have to be able to get off (the field) on 3rd-and-3 and 3rd-and-4. That is a major focus right now."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on the defense giving up first downs but not giving up big plays)

"I think there is always risk-reward. I used to coach with the run-n-shoot and it was better off to let them score fast than to keep the ball. I'm kidding about that, but literally, if they can sustain a drive, all you do is diminish your offense's chances to come back and win the game. We have to give our offense more possessions. We have to get our defense on the sideline, they know that for our defense's sake. I think that is a major deal for us, third down is a critical deal."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on if the talent is here)

"The talent's here, the attitude is here. These guys know how to win. I don't know if anybody takes that tritely, but they've won 12 games, now nothing is guaranteed to anybody, you have to earn your stripes. But they know how to win, and I can see that in their eyes, they know how to win. The big deal with that is … we have to play like we have one heartbeat. Everybody's got no heroes and one heartbeat. Everybody gives it up for everyone else."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on if he thinks what he's trying to get across is getting across)

"They're very attentive. It's been very good. Each day I have more respect for these players. The more you know them the more you respect them. They bust their butt, they're attentive, they have pride, I have great respect for them. They are very smart … Players play and coaches coach. You need to listen to your players. We try to have an open door policy. We can't incorporate everybody, but we need to listen to our players because they play the game. Coaching genius is great, but if they can't execute it, it isn't nothing. It's playing genius that we need. We're trying to incorporate player input into our game plan."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR LARRY COYER (on how the talent and attitude with this team compares to previous teams)

"I think the attitude is - it's been a different mode, it's hard to explain. These guys have great attitudes. They have wonderful attitudes. Where it got to be in Denver and where it was in Tampa was the defensive football team expected to shut them out. That's the truth. We expected to go out there and turn the ball over and make plays, and we could win 3-0 and we could win 10-7. I think that our players have that attitude. I believe that. They have pride. They want to be able to play games like that. They're really solid individuals and there is great leadership in this locker room. I think we'll be that kind of team. I think we are going to go out there and tee it up nose to nose. That's our plan. We are going to tee it up and let it happen.

* *

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on the first week of training camp)

"I'm very pleased with where we are. I like where Jim (Caldwell) is taking us. There's a little different attitude than there was with Tony (Dungy). I'm not saying it's better or worse. I just like where we're going. There's a stated purpose. He's making people stick to that purpose (and) reminds them. I just like where we're going."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on the offensive line)

"Well, we have to be better. We have to be a better unit. We're not used to having mediocre performances like we had last year, and you can't say 'Well, it's young guys.' Let's not use that. I don't like excuses. Until we play and perform like we're used to playing and performing, we're not going to go anywhere. We know that and so we talk about that and our veteran guys, Jeff (Saturday), and Ryan Diem, Ryan Lilja, Charlie Johnson, they all know where we need to be. They were there when we played in the big games, so if you want to compete at that level, that's the way you have to play."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on how it feels to be back)

"It's great. I love it. It's great. Somewhere I must have been built to coach because that's what I like doing, and I'm thrilled doing what I do."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on how it feels to be back)

"I think this is it this year. I think so. In fact I know it. If I don't I'd have a problem with Little Miss America, my wife, yes. This is kind of like, I guess, my last trip around the world or last round-up or whatever that is. I want to not enjoy it at the expense of what we're supposed to do at all. I want to enjoy (it) because we have some work to get done. The question that you asked before about, 'we have to get the offensive line squared away.' We want to get our running game squared away. We have some real reasons to get in there and get our jobs done and I want to be a part of that."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on whether he thought he would be back or not)

"It could've been, yes. That's very much so. I mean when I retired, I retired."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on whether he wanted to talk about the retirement situation)

"Not really. It's really a personal thing and then this whole thing becomes what I did or what Tom (Moore) did or what we did, and that's not what this is about. This is about the Colts and us getting better, getting the offensive line squared away, getting our running game (going and) go win some games. Go play like we know how to play."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on how it feels to be back)

"You sign up to play and that's what you're supposed to do. I don't care. We don't care why or why you didn't. If you signed up and we thought you were good enough, and you thought you were good enough, then go perform. That includes us coaches, too."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on how he'll know it's time)

"I've asked people that. People say, 'You know, when are you going to know it's time to retire? You're going to know.' Unfortunately, my children are older, but they had children when they were older so my grandkids are fairly small. That's part of it. I've got a beautiful place in Seattle and I want to keep looking at the mountains."

SR. OFFENSIVE LINE COACH HOWARD MUDD (on having Ryan Lilja back)

"There's a lot of comfort that Ryan Lilja is back. He gives us more than just his physical play. He gives us a lot of physical play, but also the leadership, the mental toughness that you need when it's real tough and you have to go play better than the coach coaches you. In spite of the coach, he's mad at you, you've got to suck it up and go play, and he's one of those guys that does that. The more guys you get that do that, the more we can have good quality play."

* *

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on his first week under Coach Jim Caldwell)

"Everybody is looking for this, 'What has Coach Caldwell done to put his stamp on this team.'  And I'm not sure I have a clever answer for you. Coach Caldwell is our leader, we are all getting to know him throughout this entire process and everyone is just practicing hard and doing what he says. Things he asks us to do, we are doing that. That's all we know how to do. He is the head coach, and I think players are responding to him, but I think this will be a season-long process as we get used to him, his mannerisms, and his ways. But I think so far he's asked us to work hard and the players are doing that."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he's talked to his brother, Eli, about his new contract)

"I talked to Eli, briefly. I'm happy that it's over with.  It was really smart he was able to get it done before the season started, and I know that's a relief to him. He and I are kind from the same book, we don't really talk about contracts and money, but I certainly think he deserves it and more importantly, I know he'll earn it. He'll work just as hard as he always has and it won't change him at all, and I'm proud of him."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if retiring as a Colt is in the back of his mind)

"Why do you all keep bringing up this 'retirement' word? That's not really on my radar at this point. I don't get in to that, I don't think Eli signing this contract, I haven't thought about how it relates to me. I'm in for the long haul. I think right now, our entire team, what we are thinking about is the now. And (Team President) Bill (Polian) made that comment in his meeting with the team.  He said, 'We're not thinking about anything in the past.  We're not thinking about years from now.  Everybody needs to focus on right now.' And I guess that's kind of where my mind is at this point."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the first week of camp)

"I think it's been good to get in the shoulder pads. I'm sure the lineman will roll their eyes when they hear me say that because I'm not using the shoulder pads a lot, but I certainly like to throw in the pads. The timing is different when you have (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis coming full speed on the outside and it's great work for the lineman. Certainly, I get a sense for just how quickly I need to get rid of the ball, so I like that. And everybody is asking, 'How do you like Donald Brown?  How do you like Austin Collie?' You can't tell until you see these guys in pads. So it's good to see some things out of them, and the more we continue to work in shoulder pads and against the starters – that's the biggest thing about training camp, it is the main time we are going starters against starters. There is great value in that work. So the more we can do that in this afternoon's practice and tomorrow's scrimmage is very valuable."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on moving around WR-Reggie Wayne)

"There are certain guys you get a feeling for early on whether they can play inside or outside. (Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers) Clyde Christensen puts them all in there and it doesn't take long to figure out who doesn't fit into the slot. And Reggie is a guy who played some slot as a rookie, going way back, and due to some injuries and some situations, he's been there.  But as of recent, it's been more because they are doubling him on the outside, and it's hard to double someone in the slot as much, because there are more areas on the field he can get to. So we are always moving him around and get him in to situations where he can be most effective. He's strong, he's fearless across the middle.  That's one thing you have to have in the slot, big guts, and you have to be physical and be able to sometimes block a linebacker. So it's a credit to him and his versatility."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on having Tom Moore and Howard Mudd back)

"I think everybody is glad to have those guys back and that's obviously what we are used to and the continuity. They bring an unbelievable amount of experience to the team and it's very valuable."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on WR-Pierre Garcon improving in year two)

"We are expecting big things out of Pierre this year. He's a very hard worker. I really feel like he got better in his rookie year even though he wasn't playing a lot.  He didn't waste a year. When he was called upon in certain situations, he knew what he had to do. He's got tremendous speed, and that is something I'm sure all you can see. He can run and he can get deep. That's a good quality in the NFL, and there are some things you can do with a guy like that. I know he is kind of competing for that third receiver position.  When we go three wide, I know he wants to be on the field. He is primarily more of an outside receiver; he works the right and the left, not as much as the slot. And I think he's off to a good start."

* *

WR-PIERRE GARCON (on last year helping him progress)

"It helped me a lot. I've been watching, been learning a lot more, been putting all of it to use really, so it's a lot easier. I've learned a lot and I'm a totally different player now."

WR-PIERRE GARCON (on battling for the third receiver position)

"It's the same thing. There's no really frontrunner. (I'm) just doing what I do, doing what the coaches tell me to do, doing what the team wants me to do and just playing, making plays basically."

WR-PIERRE GARCON (on having Peyton Manning back)

"It's real important because in a game that's who's going to be out there. You have to get used to his voice, used to his calls, his change-up. It helps us a lot, helps the team a lot. It's very good to have everybody here."

WR-PIERRE GARCON (on the receivers pushing each other)

"Yeah, we've been pushing each other all throughout the offseason, trying to get each other better and the team better, too. That's what really counts."

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