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49ers Quotes vs. Colts

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY  “We had a pretty decent performance. Thought our guys got off to a slow start; then we got back on track.


"We had a pretty decent performance. Thought our guys got off to a slow start; then we got back on track. I thought we struggled in the first part of the game, but I thought the guys hung in there and we did some of the things that we needed to do to get back in the game. As far as injuries are concerned, Vernon Davis has a knee strain, Derek Walker has a hip contusion, Kyle Williams a toe sprain and Will James an ankle sprain. Some of the other things we'll just wait and see how it works out after we get some x-rays and things like that. As far as the game is concerned I felt that as you look at this game I thought we went out and we were physical. I thought we were tough, mentally and physically, and I thought we ran to the ball. I thought we did a good job of running around and running to the football. Some of the things we have to clean up obviously, pass protection, which you would expect with a couple of the younger guys in there. David Baas trying to have all the things he needs in order to be successful as a center. Other than that, too many turnovers, that's something we can't do period; especially on the road. So that's something we have to work on. Overall I thought the guys did a pretty decent job and I feel like we're on the right road, but we have a long way to go."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- First team offense struggling)

"No I wouldn't say that I expected that. I hope we play a little bit better. I thought they made some plays. I thought the one play between Vernon (Davis) and Alex (Smith) that was just miscommunication. They have to look at the film and decide how they want to do that exactly. The other interception that we had, when Alex (Smith) threw the ball to Delanie (Walker), Delanie (Walker) jumped a little early. I thought he should have caught the ball. So it's just one of those things where quarterbacks and receivers need to clean up, be more detailed on their routes and decision making."

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HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- Anthony Dixon's pass protection)

"He did ok. We tried to make sure we didn't overload him with anything. We kept it pretty simple. We knew that going into the game and he's going to have to continue to grow and expand and as he does then there are other things that we can do. We wanted to make sure that in this game we didn't overload him with pass protection and tried to get him the ball as much as we could and see what he can do."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- organization's philosophy on RB starter)

"We are just looking at some options; some pretty decent options. That's all I am going to say about right now."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- Anthony Dixon carrying ball)

 "I thought he did a good job. He's still learning when he has to attack the hole and when to the throw a move here and there. I think he is young, but obviously shows he has the talent and the strength to do some things. I thought he made some good strong runs, so that was very good to see.

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- stunts by opponents, especially rookies)

 "Everything they can see is a plus. Every stunt, blitz whatever it might be, games, anything else. I am hoping they can see as much as they possibly can before the start of the season; the more the better.

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- players that didn't play)

 "Just making a decision on them. Some were injures. A couple of them were precautions just trying to be smart about what we are doing. I think it worked out, the decisions we made, I think it will prove to be good going forward.

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on- Nate Davis's development)

"Nate, he looks good throwing the ball, but we have to continue to work on his protections, reads and things like that, but he continues to get better with time. It's a process but we are getting there.

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (return game, particularly Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams)

 "I thought Ted (Ginn) did okay. I thought when Kyle (Williams) got the ball he hit it right away- a little more quick twitch. It was good to see Kyle do what he did, but we will have to see how that toe is doing. Once again, I think we will prove to be valuable as we go forward, but he has been working a lot more at receiver, so I think that's a good thing.

RB-Anthony Dixon (On the overall experience the preseason game)

"I just wanted to go out there and make a statement to everybody that was watching on what type of player I am going to be and what I am going to bring to the field. That is all that I was after today. I went out there and put in work."

RB-Anthony Dixon (On scoring his first touchdown in the NFL)

"It felt good, and I have been waiting a long time for that. I never got a chance to go to an NFL game when I was little and I told myself when I did that I was going to make the best of it. I have been waiting for this day and it felt good."

RB-Anthony Dixon (On how the pregame season will help him out in the regular season)

"It just helped me get a little more comfortable with the offense and the speed of the game. I am definitely going to put it in perspective and get ready for the big guys. I just wanted to get tuned up and get comfortable. I know that wasn't the first teamers, so when I see the first teamers I know I am going to have to pick it up a little bit more."

QB-David Carr (On how he did in the preseason game)

"I am getting there. I definitely didn't feel extremely comfortable out there with some things. We moved the ball, the guys played tough. We have some simple stuff that we got to pick up just protection wise, communication really; it is not guys getting beat. We just had a couple of breakdowns where we weren't on the right guy. It wasn't physical; it was just a couple of things that we got to clean up certainly in camp. We will get there. For the most part, I think the guys battled. I thought that we knew what we were dong for the most part and we were successful."

OB-David Carr (On how the preseason game will help him in the regular season game)

"It helps. I know that some guys don't like it, but I think you have to have it just because you don't feel super sharp your first preseason game. There are always things that you can improve on, so it is good to have a practice hole or two before you go out there and play the real course."

S-Reggie Smith (On his interception return during the game)

"I saw a lot of opportunity. They were running two short routes and one deep and the ball just bounced in the air and I was at the right place at the right time. I came and got it and took it the rest of the way."

S-Reggie Smith (On the pressure on him for the upcoming season)

"I felt like it was a little pressure going into training camp. Coming into my third year (I) really haven't played too much. It was kind of like make it or break it time for me, so I feel like I got to have a big camp and I think I am on the right step."

QB-Nate Davis (On adjusting to the speed of the game)

"Coming in last year it was the speed of the game just moving so fast, but this year it slowed down for me just knowing the protection and knowing that you are picked up you don't have to worry about who's hot. That is the main thing, if you know your protection you can just go out there and play football."

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