Manning Does It Again: Check Out 'Peyton On Sunday Mornings'

Posted Jul 28, 2016

Intro: Peyton Manning has always been the king of commercials, and now that he's retired, he's entered a new era promoting products. His latest for DirecTV Sunday Ticket was released Thursday.

No Colts fan wanted to see Peyton Manning retire, but, boy, are his commercials going to go to the next level.

Case in point: on Thursday, we got a look at Manning's latest promo for DirecTV's Sunday Ticket, entitled "Peyton On Sunday Mornings."

Here's the video:

The basic premise: Manning, now retired, has all the time in the world to watch every NFL game he wants from home.

The bit opens with Lionel Richie at the piano, singing the tune "Peyton On Sunday Mornings" to the same tune as his 1977 hit, "Easy," which he recorded as a member of the Commodores.

Then you see Manning, clad in a robe, sitting on the couch with his DirecTV remote in one hand, and smartphone in the other, calling his brother Eli, or “E-man,” as he says, who is in the locker room on gameday.

“So you wanna come over? I’ll make nachos!” Peyton asks his little brother.

"I can’t right now, man. I’m playing," Eli says, incredulously.

“Oh yeah. Alright. Pencil you in for Tuesday,” Peyton says as he writes “ELI” in large vertical letters in pencil in his planner.

And that's it.


I really, really hope "Peyton On Sunday Mornings" has more bits in the can ready to go for this season.

What did you think of this ad?

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