‘You’re Uncoachable:’ Introducing Peyton Manning: ‘Vacation Quarterback’

Posted Jan 30, 2018

Peyton Manning continues to break down commercial barriers, as his most recent spot features his efforts leading groups through Universal Orlando Resort.

INDIANAPOLIS — It’d be inaccurate to call Peyton Manning’s football career a roller coaster, as he remained consistently excellent all 18 years he played in the National Football League, the first 14 of which he spent with the Indianapolis Colts.

That’d be a pretty boring roller coaster ride, if we’re being honest.

But getting footage of the five-time league MVP riding a roller coaster, that’s a different thing.

Universal Orlando Resort today released Manning’s newest commercial endeavor, in which he’s the facility’s “Vacation Quarterback,” leading families through all the fun stops at the park.

As USA TODAY reported, Universal Parks & Resorts will run a 60-second version of the ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl pregame show, and then a 30-second version will run during the big game itself.

But SPOILER ALERT — you can watch the entire video here (click here to view on the Colts App):

My favorite moments:

• Manning, in the Harry Potter portion of the park, telling a kid: “You know, I really wanted to play Quidditch, but we’re kind of a football family.”

• A Manning-held churro being “intercepted” — and his reaction.

• Manning, at the end when he just isn’t quite getting the whole “magic wand” thing, being told by a girl: “You’re uncoachable.”

• And, of course, Manning’s high-pitched scream as the roller coaster he’s on starts its descent down a steep hil

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