Profiles of Cheerleader hopefuls are online now and you the fan can vote for your favorite.


In order to begin the 2010 season on the right foot, the Indianapolis Colts will allow YOU, the fans, an opportunity to cast a vote for your favorite 2010 Colts Cheerleader Candidates. Online voting allows you to vote for your favorite candidates in hopes to make them one of the proud members of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleading squad.

It is very crucial that the fans vote for their favorite 2010 Colts Cheerleaders, because these ladies are going to be one of the many faces of the Indianapolis Colts throughout the community and on game days. Becoming a Colts Cheerleader "is a life changing experience for these ladies," says Chuck O'Hara, the Director of Marketing for the Indianapolis Colts. "Not only will they cheer in front of 63,000 at games, but will also be seen by millions on, it is a great way to begin a bright future."

Want to have millions of people voting for you? Think you have what it takes to become a Colts Cheerleader?Then click here for audition information. The Indianapolis Colts are looking for "someone who can dance, is poised, has a very vibrant personality, can show maturity, and also looks the part," according to Theresa Pottraz, cheerleading coordinator for the Colts. It is not too late to register, follow the above link to register, there is a $25 registration fee, but what price can be put on the opportunity to pursue your dream of standing on the sideline as an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader.

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