Tuesday's Top 10 - TITANS

Some of my favorite images from the Titans game.






Today's Top 10 is made up of some of my favorite images from our win over the Titans on Dec. 1. The roof was closed, but the sun was out and created some really great light through the windows at Lucas Oil Stadium. This light allowed me to capture some details that are usually lost in the shadows. Players faces really showed up well with the soft diffused light from the huge windows. As I was going through the game images and choosing my favorites for this gallery, a lot of the non-peak action images really jumped out at me. Those moments on the sideline or just after a big play that really show the emotion of the moment. I know that I've focused on this before, but it's hard to ignore certain images. Some of the images in this gallery show a very pensive look and others are sheer jubilation. Capturing these images mixed with all of the action of the game are what I love about my job!

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