Hopefuls for 2008 Colts Cheerleaders continued the audition process on Wednesday with interviews. Final cuts will be made following the Cheerleader Audition Showcase Thursday night.


Cheerleader Finalists Continue the Audition Process

INDIANAPOLIS - Small groups of potential Colts Cheerleaders arrived at the team's Training Facility throughout the day on Wednesday.

They weren't there for practice. On this day, they donned business suits instead of dance gear.

It was interview time.

"Interviews have always been a part of the process for rookies," said Colts Director of Marketing Chuck O'Hara, a member of the panel of interviewers. "We feel like we know the vets."

The cheerleaders who have made it this far in the audition process had to field questions very similar to other job interviews.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you work in a team atmosphere?

Jennifer Bowers is looking forward to a chance to work with the squad. "The best part of being a cheerleader is being involved with a variety of personalities and learning from each girl," she said.

"The easiest part of being a Colts cheerleader is this process right here," O'Hara told the group of six women, the last of the day. "The hardest part is what is to come."

Colts Cheerleaders – the sweethearts of the horseshoe – play a vital role in the Colts organization, O'Hara said.

"We're looking for the whole package," he said. "The smile, the outgoing personality, a willingness to learn. They perform at a high level with the fans in order to represent the Colts."

Colts Cheerleaders have appeared at charity functions, conventions, grand openings, fairs, tradeshows, among other events, and also donate time to many charitable and civic causes each year. This involvement is a portion of the reason the Colts were ranked number one among teams in the four major sports in ESPN The Magazine's sixth annual survey ranking how "the Big Four Pro Teams Reward Fans for Love, Loyalty and Money."

For the moment though, some of the hopefuls have other thoughts on their mind, like the Cheerleader Audition Showcase, a beauty pageant-like event, taking place Thursday night.

"Got to get some sleep," Brittany Johnson said. "If you are running around before you won't be prepared."

Many of the finalists expected to experience jitters up-to and during the evening. O'Hara explained that they shouldn't worry too much.

"The audition process is pretty much done," O'Hara said. "This showcases the ladies ability to perform in front of a smaller group instead of just an audience of 63,000."

Said Megann Hess, "I'm expecting to have fun. Real nervous, but nerves aside it will be fun to see friends and family."

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