The Indiana Football Digest's Top Games – 2015 Week Five

The Indiana Football Digest’s Top Games – 2015 Week Five


The Indiana Football Digest's Top Games – 2015 Week Five

By Paul Condry And Matt Kopsea


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, North Harrison Field.

COACHES: Reed May, 222-43 in 23rd season at Brownstown Central. Mark Williamson, 15-21 in fourth season at North Harrison, 31-39 in seventh season overall.

LAST WEEK: Brownstown Central beat Salem, 62-26. North Harrison beat Charlestown, 27-18.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Brownstown Central 2-0; North Harrison 2-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Brownstown Central 4-12, North Harrison 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Brownstown Central, 25-4.

LAST MEETING: Brownstown Central, 35-13, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Brownstown Central travels to Seymour. North Harrison plays at Eastern (Pekin).

COACHES COMMENTS: "They are a ground and pound running team that likes to control the ball and the clock. To win, we cannot allow them to control the game. We must play sound defense." – Brownstown Central coach Reed May.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Spuller Stadium.

COACHES: Doug Dinan, 46-18 in sixth season at Carroll (Fort Wayne). Kurt Tippmann, 65-18 in seventh season at Fort Wayne Snider.

LAST WEEK: Carroll (Fort Wayne) beat Homestead, 31-24. Fort Wayne Snider beat Fort Wayne Concordia, 55-24.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Carroll (Fort Wayne) 1-0; Fort Wayne Snider 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Carroll (Fort Wayne) 6-10, Fort Wayne Snider 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Fort Wayne Snider, 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Fort Wayne Snider, 51-0, Oct. 22, 2004, sectional.

UP NEXT: Carroll hosts Fort Wayne Bishop Luers. F.W. Snider travels to Homestead.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Snider High School has a great football tradition that I have had the pleasure to be part of for the first 17 years of my coaching career. I understand their level of commitment, and for us to be successful, we will have to play well in all three phases of the game, offense, defense, and special teams.  We continue to improve each week, and this has to be the case again this week if we desire to be successful." – Carroll coach Doug Dinan.

"Carroll has an outstanding quarterback (Northwestern commit Aidan Smith) that leads a very good and proficient offense. We will have to find a way to contain him both in the pass game and in the run game since he is a running threat also. On defense, their best players are the Mike linebacker (#5 – Dylan Conner) and their two cornerbacks.  We have to block their middle linebacker to be successful in everything we do on offense. They will blitz him and use him effectively in pass coverage, so we must account for him on every play. Carroll is extremely well coached and disciplined. They play extremely hard.  It will be our toughest opponent so far this young season and will require our best effort to be successful." – Fort Wayne Snider coach Kurt Tippmann.  


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Foreman Field.

COACHES: Craig Koehler, 3-1 in first season at Concord. Kyle Park, 4-10 in second season at Goshen.

LAST WEEK: Concord beat Wawasee, 27-7. Goshen beat NorthWood, 20-14.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Concord 2-0; Goshen 2-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Concord 7-9, Goshen 6-10.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Concord, 20-16.

LAST MEETING: Concord, 55-7, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Concord hosts Jimtown. Goshen welcomes Warsaw to Foreman Field.

COACHES COMMENTS: "The key for us Friday will be to match Goshen's physicality and intensity. They are physical in the run game and are playing with a very high level of confidence.  Foreman Field will be electric Friday and their team will feed off of it. We must match their energy, especially early in the game." – Concord coach Craig Koehler.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, The Dawg Pound.

COACHES: Justin Roden, 15-12 in third season at East Central. Eric Heppner, 141-81 in 20th season at Batesville.

LAST WEEK: East Central beat Franklin County, 21-13. Batesville beat Rushville, 44-7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: East Central 3-1, Batesville 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: East Central, 24-6.

LAST MEETING: East Central, 21-7, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: East Central hosts South Dearborn. Batesville plays at Lawrenceburg.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We have to play turnover free football and not get caught up in the Batesville vs. East Central hype. For us, it is another quality opponent and a chance to get better. We played poorly last week in several key areas, and in order for us to achieve our greater goals, we have to improve. Our secondary must avoid giving up big plays and our offense needs to win the battle up front." – East Central coach Justin Roden.

"During my 20 years at Batesville, East Central has been the best team on our schedule practically every year. This season is no exception. They have an extremely talented, experienced group of seniors, many of whom have been starting since they were sophomores. East Central is really solid in all facets of the game; however, I think the strength of their team is offense. Luke Patton is a tremendous quarterback. He throws well, but is even better running the ball. If we're going to have a chance at winning the game, our defensive effort will need to be as flawless as possible. As in any game, we need to do many things well to win, but our defensive performance is especially key against East Central this season." – Batesville coach Eric Heppner.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Lawrence North H.S.

COACHES: Ty Hunt, 103-22 in 10th season at Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter. Vince Lorenzano, 143-31 in 13th season at Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, 203-100 in 25th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter beat Speedway, 40-12. Indianapolis Bishop Chatard lost to Indianapolis Cathedral, 42-14.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 0-1; Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 7-9, Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 7-9.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, 14-2.

LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, 49-0, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Cardinal Ritter travels to Triton Central. Bishop Chatard plays at Noblesville.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We need to practice at a higher level during the week. We need to be better coached. We need to not worry so much about our opponent, and we need to worry about ourselves and what we do. We need to block better. We need to tackle better. We need to execute better." – Bishop Chatard coach Vince Lorenzano.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Walter Cross Field.

COACHES: Brian Moore, 3-1 in first season at Lafayette Jeff, 182-41 in 20th season overall. Brett Colby, 65-22 in ninth season at Kokomo, 180-89 in 26th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Lafayette Jeff beat Harrison (West Lafayette), 54-50. Kokomo beat McCutcheon, 26-21.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Lafayette Jeff 0-1; Kokomo 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lafayette Jeff 8-8, Kokomo 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Lafayette Jeff, 15-10.

LAST MEETING: Kokomo, 49-7, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Lafayette Jeff plays host to Anderson. Kokomo hosts Muncie Central.

COACHES COMMENTS: "The Wildkats are an extremely physical football team. We will have to match their physicality and make some big plays on offense to have a chance to win. Our defense has been suspect the past two weeks. We will be challenged to play harder, faster, and more physical this week.  The defense needs to grow up and start playing with a bigger sense of urgency. Offensively, we need to continue to improve in the run game.  We made strides there last week, but we have to continue to improve in that area.  We need to continue to get our playmakers the ball in space as well." – Lafayette Jeff coach Brian Moore.

"We need to be able to continue the balance we have had so far this season on offense.  Our defense must have a solid game. Jeff has lots of speed, so we must tackle in space well.  Jeff also runs a very fast paced spread offense in which they run and pass very well.  Containing them on offense will take a huge effort by our defense." – Kokomo coach Brett Colby.

LEO (4-0) AT EAST NOBLE (4-0)

KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, East Noble Field.

COACHES: Jared Sauder, 81-25 in 10th season at Leo. Luke Amstutz, 27-10 in fourth season at East Noble, 53-25 in eighth season overall.

LAST WEEK: Leo beat New Haven, 17-6. East Noble beat DeKalb, 35-7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Leo 5-11, East Noble 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: East Noble, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: East Noble, 10-7, Nov. 1, 2013, sectional.

UP NEXT: Leo plays host to Bellmont. East Noble travels to Norwell.

COACHES COMMENTS: "East Noble is a very good and well coached football team. Their sophomore quarterback Andrew McCormick is a very good football player that we must contain to win this game. We will also have to improve in decreasing our penalties and eliminating turnover, especially in the red zone to be successful." – Leo coach Jared Sauder.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Knepp Field.

COACHES: Reggie Glon, 139-92 in 22nd season at Mishawaka Marian. Mike. Campbell, 75-20 in eighth season at Jimtown.

LAST WEEK: Mishawaka Marian beat South Bend Riley, 42-6. Jimtown beat John Glenn, 38-0.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Mishawaka Marian 1-0; Jimtown 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Mishawaka Marian 3-13, Jimtown 6-9.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Jimtown, 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Jimtown, 17-14, Oct. 23, 2009, sectional.

UP NEXT: Marian welcomes Bremen to Otolski Field. Jimtown travels to Concord.

COACHES COMMENTS: "This is the biggest game of the season to date for the Knights. We will need to first have a great week of preparation, not just at practice, but in meetings, film study, and approaching the game from a championship mind set. This could be a prelude to the regional this year. Both teams are very similar, and we will need to execute at a high level to come away with the win this Friday night. No turnovers, no penalties, play hard for 48 minutes, and keep playing great defense is the formula for a win this week." – Marian coach Reggie Glon.

"Marian is impressive on both sides of the ball. They do an outstanding job of playing keep away. We're going to have to possess the ball and not turn it over in order to have a chance. These next two weeks (Marian and Concord) will tell us a great deal of how far we've come and how far we have to go." – Jimtown coach Mike Campbell.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Knights Stadium.

COACHES: Duane Potts, 68-68 in 14th season at Owen Valley. Mark Raetz, 19-6 in third season at Northview, 34-51 in ninth season overall.

LAST WEEK: Owen Valley beat Edgewood, 22-7. Northview beat West Vigo, 55-25.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Owen Valley 1-0; Northview 1-0.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Owen Valley 9-7, Northview 7-9.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Northview, 11-6.

LAST MEETING: Northview, 18-14, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Owen Valley hosts Cascade. Northview travels to South Vermillion.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We look forward to the challenge of facing a very good Northview team. Coach Raetz always does a great job of preparing is team each season. Northview is averaging 54 points a game while only allowing 10 points per game. I feel that the keys to the game for Owen Valley are as follows. We must control both the line of scrimmage and the time of possession, do not give up big plays, and consistently move the chains and score at the end of long drives to keep their offense off of the field." – Owen Valley coach Duane Potts.

"In order to beat Owen Valley, we need to stop their running game, contain their big play capability, and control the line of scrimmage." – Northview coach Mark Raetz.


KICKOFF: 7 pm CT, Jack Jewell Field.

COACHES: Waylon Schenk, 18-17 in fourth season at Princeton. Nick Hart, 38-6 in fourth season at Gibson Southern.

LAST WEEK: Princeton beat Mount Carmel (Ill.), 37-30. Gibson Southern beat Henderson County (Ky.), 56-7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Princeton 3-12, Gibson Southern 3-9.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Gibson Southern, 19-13.

LAST MEETING: Gibson Southern, 70-10, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Princeton plays at Jasper. Gibson Southern travels to Heritage Hills.

COACHES COMMENTS: "For us to win Friday, we must play mistake free football. They thrive on forcing turnovers and converting them to quick points. Zero turnovers and zero costly penalties will keep us in the ballgame. We must also limit their offensive possessions. The best way to slow down their high powered offensive attack is to keep their offense on the sideline. We have to do that by running the ball and controlling the line of scrimmage which won't be easy." – Princeton coach Waylon Schenk.

"Princeton has some excellent weapons on offense and they run a variety of formations. We are going to have to be extremely sound defensively to have success.  As in any big game, turnovers and penalties will play a huge part in the game." – Gibson Southern coach Nick Hart.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Fred Huff Field.

COACHES: Bill Peebles, 57-54 in 11th season at Southport. Mo Moriarity, 162-40 in 18th season at Bloomington South, 266-81 in 30th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Southport beat Terre Haute North, 34-28. Bloomington South beat Bloomington North, 14-7.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Southport 9-7, Bloomington South 2-14.


LAST MEETING: Southport, 38-17, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Southport hosts Franklin Central. Bloomington South plays at Terre Haute South.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Offensively, we will need to do a better job of establishing the run to be more balanced. On defense, we need to continue to improve reading our keys and fitting in the right spots." – Southport coach Bill Peebles.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Monroe Central Field.

COACHES: George Gilbert, 47-26 in seventh season at Tri-Central, 208-162 in 35th season overall. John Hochstetler, 18-18 in fourth season at Monroe Central, 105-101 in 19th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Tri-Central beat Tri-County, 36-13. Monroe Central beat Union City, 46-6.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Tri-Central 7-9, Monroe Central 5-11.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Tri-Central, 3-1.

LAST MEETING: Monroe Central, 26-20, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Tri-Central hosts Sheridan. Monroe Central plays host to Wes-Del.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Monroe Central is a fine Class 1A team that is well coached. Our keys are as follows. We must cut down on penalties. We have had an uncharacteristic number this season. Special teams and field position will be important as they are a run first team like us. We must be content with three yards per play and stay out of second or third and long situations. We must play physical and out quick their larger line on both sides of the ball." – Tri-Central coach George Gilbert.

"Tri-Central is one of the premier programs in 1A football. Coach Gilbert and his staff limit mistakes and play a tough brand of football. Our challenge is consistency in all three phases of the game. This game will be about toughness and team. It ought to be a good one." – Monroe Central coach John Hochstetler.


KICKOFF: 7 pm ET, Giants Stadium.

COACHES: Jayson West, 22-8 in third season at Warren Central, 74-20 in eighth season overall. Mike Kirschner, 68-29 in ninth season at Ben Davis, 82-55 in 13th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Warren Central beat Lawrence Central, 42-35. Ben Davis lost to Center Grove, 31-19.

AGAINST COMMON FOES: Warren Central 0-1; Ben Davis 0-1.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Warren Central 5-7, Ben Davis 9-7.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Warren Central, 21-19.

LAST MEETING: Ben Davis, 40-36, Nov. 7, 2014, regional.

UP NEXT: Warren Central hosts Pike. Ben Davis travels to Lawrence North.

COACHES COMMENTS: "Our inexperienced defense must keep improving so that we can be as ready as possible for one of the most dynamic offenses in Indiana! Our offense must control the ball and score touchdowns in the red zone and our special teams cannot make any mistakes for us to have success against Ben Davis!" – Warren Central coach Jayson West.

"As usual, we are playing a very athletic and physical Warren Central team. We are going to have to control the tempo of the game, protect the football, and find a way to reduce the number of penalties in order to be successful on Friday night." – Ben Davis coach Mike Kirschner.


KICKOFF: 7:30 pm ET, Huskie Stadium.

COACHES: Shane Fry, 23-5 in third season at West Lafayette. Mitch Street, 42-12 in fifth season at Hamilton Heights.

LAST WEEK: West Lafayette beat Delphi, 59-6. Hamilton Heights beat Tipton, 31-6.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: West Lafayette 4-12, Hamilton Heights 8-8.


LAST MEETING: Hamilton Heights, 18-0, Oct. 19, 2012, sectional.

UP NEXT: West Lafayette goes to Benton Central. Hamilton Heights plays at Culver Academy.

COACHES COMMENTS: "We need to be physical and take care of the football. We need to win the turnover battle on Friday night, and we also need to limit their big plays on offense as they have tremendous playmakers at wide receiver." – West Lafayette coach Shane Fry.

In order for us to win on Friday, we must capitalize on opportunities in each phase of the game. They (West Lafayette) are very good football team, and our margin for error is minimal. When we get a chance to get their offense off the field, we must take advantage. When we get an opportunity to score the football or even simply flip the field with a couple of first downs, we must do so. Likewise, we must win the special teams game, and make impact in that phase. They are a physical, fast, and well-coached football team, and it will take a complete effort in order for Hamilton Heights to be successful!" – Hamilton Heights coach Mitch Street.


KICKOFF: 8:30 pm ET, Lucas Oil Stadium.

COACHES: Jake Gilbert, 31-20 in fifth season at Westfield, 61-56 in 11th season overall. Scott May, 72-23 in ninth season at Hamilton Southeastern, 75-42 in 11th season overall.

LAST WEEK: Westfield beat Noblesville, 18-14. Hamilton Southeastern beat Fishers, 39-33.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Westfield 10-6, Hamilton Southeastern 7-9.

SERIES LAST 30 SEASONS: Hamilton Southeastern, 18-5.

LAST MEETING: Westfield, 34-20, Sep. 19, 2014.

UP NEXT: Westfield hosts Brownsburg. Hamilton Southeastern plays host to Zionsville.

COACHES COMMENTS: 'Westfield is 4-0 and rolling again. Coach Gilbert does a great job and on film, they look very good.  For us to have a chance to beat them, we must be able to keep our kids from having a letdown after two weeks of coming from behind to beat Avon and Fishers." – Hamilton Southeastern coach Scott May.

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