Tennessee Titans Conference Call

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on playing the Colts) 12/1/04 “There’s no question, their offense is playing well, defense and special teams, and they’re playing as good as I’ve seen them play as a team right now.

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on playing the Colts) 12/1/04

"There's no question, their offense is playing well, defense and special teams, and they're playing as good as I've seen them play as a team right now. So, they're going to be a challenge for us."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on QB-Peyton Manning's numbers this season) 12/1/04

"The longer he stays with the group of people, the better he's going to get. He's been there so long with these guys now that they're all on the same page. Their ability to communicate on the line of scrimmage and to be on the same page, you just don't see that. He obviously puts his time in, that's well documented, and it's certainly paying off for him. He has great players surrounding him. When you talk about their offense, you talk about Peyton. You need to also talk about Edgerrin James, because he's just running as good as I've seen him run since early in his career, before the injury. When you have that running threat and then you add to that their ability to execute the play action, the protection and throw the ball down the field with accuracy and precision, it makes them certainly, everyone, week after week, the greatest challenge of the season to try to stop."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on if Steve McNair's comments were out of frustration) 12/1/04

"Steve's a very, very competitive individual and does not like losing and expects to carry this football team, whether we have a full complement of players around him or not. In Steve's case, after the ballgame, he felt that he had put us in a position to win, had a chance to win, and because of his own doing, we did not. Those were his personal feelings. I think that, coupled with the fact that that he was a little banged up and he was pressed and continued to be pressed after the game, I think that is just frustration. As far as his availability this week, we don't know. He's sore. He's indicated to me personally that he wants to finish up strong this season and give us a chance to win. So, he can enjoy an offseason and get himself back ready to play."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on how do you keep guys from not giving up) 12/1/04

"When the margin gets out of hand, it's difficult, but that hasn't really been the case with us. We've been in just about every game. And even in the San Diegogame and the Minnesotagame, we were knocking on the door or had opportunities where we were a play away from changing the momentum of the game. You by in large can stay in most games by playing hard, playing smart, practicing and having fun. And that's kind of our approach. The guys understand that we're a little short-handed right now, but the veteran guys that are left are encouraging the young guys, and the young guys are getting valuable experience."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER(on how he challenges the team right now) 12/1/04

"Can you continue to improve as individuals through the tough times, through the remainder of the season? It would appear that we've been eliminated already. So, that's the challenge. You avoid distractions. You come to work, you look forward to come to work and you work to continue to refine and develop your skills. And that's our approach. You lay it all out on Sunday. You give it your all-out effort. You fight until the bitter end. You still step onto the field when the game starts with an expectation to win. It's a simple philosophy, and I'm proud of our guys for the way they've approached it, and they'll continue to do so."

DT/DE-KEVIN CARTER(on how frustrating the season has been with injuries, etc.) 12/1/04

"I'm not hurt, thank God. My morale I think is actually pretty good. In times like this, I think it's about perseverance, I think it's about how tough you are mentally, and believe it or not, I think it's about how much you love the game of football. You go out there every weekend and you play, and I play because I love the game. So, I'm not really enjoying losing, I don't ever enjoy losing, but I enjoy the process by which I'm trying to win a game. Just being blessed enough to go out there on Sunday, and then you go home at night and watch yourself on NFL Network or ESPN or (any other channel), it's just cool. It's just a wonderful thing. I've never taken it for granted or think, 'Oh, I'll be glad when the season's over with or something like that.' That's just not my attitude."

DT/DE -KEVIN CARTER(on if they will give the Colts their best shot on Sunday) 12/1/04

"Of course. We always put our best foot forward. The Colts know, everyone knows what they're going to get out of me. I think I speak for our entire team when I say, 'It's any given Sunday.' That's what makes the NFL so great. That's what makes this game so wonderful, is that anyone can gear you up and wear you out on Sunday. And it doesn't matter if you're 7-4 or 4-7, or if you have too many injuries. I've seen too many times people get up for a game and they actually win. So, that's my attitude going into it. I'm not going up there to lose. I'm going up there to win, to play great football."

DT/DE -KEVIN CARTER(on how he compares the Colts offense to some of the other great offenses of all-time, such as the Rams in 1999) 12/1/04

"It's right up there. I mean, it has to definitely be up there, or either ahead of where (the Rams) were, as far as stats are concerned. They're hitting on all cylinders right now. They have everyone healthy. They have, for the most part at skill positions, great sequence with the receivers and backs. They execute really, really well there, really efficient. And Peyton (Manning), his ability to audible and change things around based on the defensive front and what he see coverage wise, that's why they're winning. They're just a well-oiled machine right now. You just have to disrupt them."

DT/DE -KEVIN CARTER(on RB-Edgerrin James and the season he is having) 12/1/04

"He's running the ball as well, I think, as he ever has. He has great vision, and I think that's what separates good backs from great backs…their ability to see things and adjust and cut back, just see the whole field when everyone is trying to attack them. Edgerrin does a good job of seeing people, seeing his defenders, seeing his blockers and using his blockers to his advantage. Edgerrin James—that's the reason their play action is so successful, because they're running for 120-something yards a game. Anytime you have a back that's doing that, you have to respect the run. And when you respect the run, he pulls you up, and it's play action. So, it goes hand-in-hand."

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