Spencer Make It Personal Tour

The Colts Make It Personal Tour traveled to the Owen Valley Community High School in Spencer. The stop included the Colts In Motion traveling museum, along with the Colts Quarterback Challenge and the opportunity to win Colts pre-season tickets.


The Colts Make Their Thirteenth Make It Personal Tour Stop in Spencer

Spencer – The heat could not stop Colts fans in Spencer from meeting Colts players Roy Hall and Antonio Smith at the thirteenth Colts Make It Personal tour stop at the Owen Valley High School.

Keegan, one lucky Colts fan, received a Blue doll from Blue himself. He even had it signed by Blue.

Another lucky Colts fan, Marjorie, was able to meet Colts cheerleaders Tessa and Erica. Marjorie had the cheerleaders sign her Disney princess autograph notebook because according to her, "the cheerleaders look just like the princesses".

Not only did Marjorie receive autographs from the players and cheerleaders, but her mother signed her up to join the Colts Kids Club. As the newest member Marjorie will be able to go to the Colts Kids Club Halloween party at the new Lucas Oil Stadium.

You can join your fellow Colts fans and follow the Colts on their next Make It Personal tour stop in Nappanee on Tuesday, July 8, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Northwood High School.

To learn more information about the Colts Make It Personal tour, keep up to date with www.colts.com/MIP.

Peru – It was a beautiful day in Peru Tuesday evening at the twelfth Colts Make It Personal tour stops at the Peru Junior High School. Hundreds of fans showed up for their chance to meet Colts players Roy Hall and Josh Betts as well as Colts cheerleaders Larissa and Wendy.

The drive from Brownsburg was long, but well worth it for in particular set of Colts fans. They were the family of Colts cheerleader Larissa, who is from Peru. Here parents, Rob and Lisa, brought along her little brother Logan her grandparents and her aunt and uncle.

Larissa, who has always wanted to be a Colts cheerleader, used to go to the Colts games with her father when she was younger. She is in her first season as a Colts cheerleader.

Larissa's grandmother Betty said, "It has been great to see her achieve a goal that she set for herself when she was little."

"We are all very proud of her, and we can't wait to see her cheering at the games." said her father. Larissa's family has season tickets so they will be able to watch her cheer at every home game.

To learn more information about the Colts Make It Personal tour, keep up to date with www.colts.com/MIP.

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