Seattle Quotes at Colts

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the loss in general) “We’re obviously disappointed about the game and the 1-3 start. We knew it was going to be tough.

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the loss in general) * *

"We're obviously disappointed about the game and the 1-3 start. We knew it was going to be tough. We knew, with out situation being what it is, that it was going to be tough until we can back to full strength. But we're determined to overcome this. One thing about this is that it presents a tremendous challenge to our football team. … One of the reasons we're in this business is because we love challenges. And this is a great challenge. I believe we're a good football team that has had some things go against it. … We're going to continue to fight and work hard and get better, and see where it ends up."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on penalties that hurt his team)

"In the first half especially, we were moving the ball well. Unfortunately, and really uncharacteristically of us, we had some penalties that wiped out some pretty big plays for us."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the Colts' Peyton Manning) Sunday, October 4, 2009

"We played greatness, one of the finest of all time. He proves it over and over again. Regardless of circumstances, he comes up with the play. We struggled to get some heat on him. And when we did, he gets it out of there just in the nick of time and makes a play. …. There's not a lot you can do when he's hot like that. We tried everything and it was a difficult day for us defensively."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the Colts' defensive front and especially Dwight Freeney) Sunday, October 4, 2009

"They pose problems for you. They put you in a little bit of a quandary. You'd like to chip and put a tight end over there and help. But at the same time you have to get guys out in the route and threaten them downfield, so you try to pick your spots when you chip and keep guys in to protect, and pick your spots when you get four or five into the route and try to move the ball down the field. There were a couple of times today when they beat us either way."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on whether quarterback Seneca Wallace struggled)

"We all struggled. We struggled as a football team today. We fought but we struggled. I was impressive with the way our special teams played. I will emphasize that."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the near future for the Seahawks)

"I think it's critical as a football team that we get back to .500 going into the bye. I think if we can be 3-3 at the bye, we'll be OK."

HEAD COACH JIM MORA (on the mood of his team)

"There comes a point in the game where you know you're probably not going to win the game. I've been on teams that can go either way at that point. Guys start to gripe and maybe point the finger and complain about play calls and such. I don't get that feeling with this team. I think the guys are taking a hard look at themselves first, realizing that we have to be darn near perfect in our execution just because of our situation. I think the mood is determined."

WR-T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH (on Trouble getting going early on) October 4, 2009

"I wouldn't say we had trouble getting going.  We were moving the ball pretty well, we just came away with no points.  That's a problem going against a team like this.  You know going in their offense is going to move the ball and put up points and you have to match them and help your defense out.  We moved the ball fairly well, just came away with no points."

WR-T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH (on Errors during the game ) October 4, 2009

"We shot ourselves in the foot a lot.  We moved the ball fairly well and we'll get on the brink of field goal range and stop being effective."

WR-T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH (on scoring points) October 4, 2009

"You know it.  It's not even scoring points, but for the most part our defense played well-we put them in some bad situations-we couldn't get 3 points let alone 7.  You know coming in here-coach didn't have to tell you-we all know football, we know what they are going to do on offense.  That's the hard part about this.  We knew coming in we had to help the D out and we didn't."

WR-T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH (on adjustments ) October 4, 2009

"We gotta keep working.  It's a long season.  We're 1-3.  Hopefully we can get some guys back.  We are 1-3, it's no the end of the season."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the video tribute) October 4, 2009

"That was sweet.  A lot of guys on this team didn't know I could move like that.  That was sweet.  It was real thoughtful.  That's why this is one of the best organization to work for in the NFL."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on Ring of Honor) October 4, 2009

"Not just yet.  I gotta play a little more and get closer to retirement."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on looking back ) October 4, 2009

"It's all part of it.  I had fun here and, you know, its football.  I hope I didn't disappoint nobody all the years I was here.  Hopefully I did what I was drafted to do."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on being with former teammates) October 4, 2009

"Those are my boys.  It's a little different but it's a part of the business.  You are still friends with everybody-it's fun to be out there with them.  Everybody knows how I run.  As long as I'm moving forward and get something positive, there is not much you can say."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on Payton's praise ) October 4, 2009

"That's my boy.  P, you know, I always say P is the best QB to play the game and that's the way I feel.  Hopefully everybody fells the same by the time he is done.  He is a great friend of mine and he can execute to perfection ."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the new stadium) October 4, 2009

"It's a nice facility.  It's not as loud as the RCA dome.  As an opposing team it's not that tough on you."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on playing longer before retirement) October 4, 2009

"I can still play.  My main focus is my family and kids.  You know, that's first.  I'd be ready to play if I'm healthy.  I'm ready to do it for a while if I can."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the Super Bowl ring from the Colts ) October 4, 2009

"That was real thoughtful of him (Jim Irsay) and the organization.  It meant a lot.  It shows how much work I put in and it shows I wasn't left out.  I'll always look back at this day.  I'll always be remembered as a Colt."

QB-SENECA WALLACE (on having a chance to get back to .500 ) October 4, 2009

"Yeah, we do.  Everybody is going to get off to a rough start.  You have to bounce back.  We go back to work on Monday and we just try to regroup and get it done."

QB-SENECA WALLACE (on penalties stopping drives) October 4, 2009

"That happened a couple times.  Like I said we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  We get down there and all of a sudden we get a penalty.  We are a team together, we are in it together and whatever happens we just have to try to bounce back and improve, try to keep moving the ball and getting points.  We shot ourselves in the foot and against a team like Indianapolis you can't do that."

QB-SENECA WALLACE (on feeling more comfortable starting a second straight week) October 4, 2009

"I felt a lot more comfortable.  Just getting practices under my belt and learning what guys are going to do and what (Greg) Knapp expects out there.  Again, I wish we could have come out with a win and score some points.  We just keep pushing forward and will get ready for next week."

FB-OWEN SCHMITT (on the offense not being on track) October 4, 2009

"Penalties killed drives.  We drove the ball.  We were driving it down there but like our coaches say, "Can't get off schedule."  You can't get in a first and long and second and long when you are driving.  Especially on the road.  It's so tough.  Those third and longs and second and longs, you just have to stay on track and try to eliminate that going into next week."

FB-OWEN SCHMITT (on the Colts coming out hot offensively) October 4, 2009

"Coming into this you know that Indianapolis, not saying their strength isn't their defense, has such a high powered offense that if you want to stay in a game with a team like that you are going to have to score points too.  We just need to stay on track and eliminate some of the penalties we had and we will be good.  It's tough especially on the road.  It's hard to recover from that."

CB-KEN LUCAS (on the game being frustrating) October 4, 2009

Yes.  I would use the word disappointment.  We knew that we were coming into somebody's house and facing a good team.  When you face a good team you cannot make as many mistakes as we made today.  Like coach said, that was the difference in the game.  We had a very good game plan and we tried to execute it but at times they made plays.  They are going to make plays regardless if you execute your game plan or not.  We made too many mistakes and playing against Peyton (Manning) he will make you pay when you make a mistake."

SS-DEON GRANT(on Peyton (Manning) taking what the Seattle defense gave him) October 4, 2009

"He didn't have to force anything.  When we are not doing our thing right why would you force it.  We want to correct all across the board.  He just played his kind of ball.  "If you all make a mistake, I'm going to make sure I point them out to you all." He did that."

* *

SS-DEON GRANT(on being discouraged) October 4, 2009

No.  You know me.  I don't get discouraged about anything.  The day I'm discouraged is when they force me to take my uniform off.  I still feel like if you look at this team and you look at the names and the talent that we have, that we can go out there and be competitive with anyone if we play our game.  Which we haven't been playing our game the past two or three weeks.  One minute we will, one quarter we will, one half we will, but as a full four quarters we haven't played our game.  We have been making the smallest mistakes and teams have been capitalizing on them."

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