San Francisco Quotes at Colts

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on what three close losses says about the team) “We are young and we have to learn how to win those games.

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on what three close losses says about the team) * *

"We are young and we have to learn how to win those games. We have to learn how to finish those games.  That is all it says."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on shutting down the Manning-Wayne combination only to yield a TD pass from Joseph Addai to Reggie Wayne) Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Only thing I can say is, we came here to win a football game.  I know that Manning is a good football player and he ran a good offense.  We came here to win a football game, bottom line."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on whether or not he liked the team's effort)

"Effort?  No.  That is never a question."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on the decision to sit CB, Nate Clements to start)

"The biggest thing was we were going on basic match-ups.  That was the biggest thing, we thought the match-ups were good the way we had them and we wanted to do that. "

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on the unsportsmanlike penalty on WR Josh Morgan)

"I have no idea.  You got your TD and you do something like that.  I did not see the guys do anything outlandish.  I do not understand.  I do not understand why they would call that."

HEAD COACH MIKE SINGLETARY (on whether the halfback pass by Joseph Addai took them by surprise)

"Yes, it did.  Shantae Spencer had been playing well all day.  They had to do something out of the ordinary, to force that he would step up a bit.  He had been disciplined the whole day.  The Defensive Backs on the back end all day had been very disciplined knowing that they were going to do some play action and things like that.  They got us on that one."

QB-ALEX SMITH (on what changed during the second half)

"I think the big run in the first half took us out of there with six.  We put another nice drive together and another TD.  I think the second half just a few things got going.  We are moving the ball, got first downs, and then all of a sudden we get to midfield and then sputtered out.  We had the one turnover and couldn't finish.  We got down to field goal position then took a delay of game, a sack, and we are punting.  We could not finish- we could not capitalize in the red zone."

QB-ALEX SMITH (on the pass to Michael Crabtree that was tipped and intercepted)

"The ball was high.  It was just kind of a freak thing.  You think it's a bang-bang play; at worst it is incomplete.  He tried to make a play on it and it is tipped up to the safety.  It comes with the job, tipped interceptions.  I have got to get the ball down, though.  From my perspective, I have the throwing lane there and just got up on it."

QB-ALEX SMITH (on whether the delay of game call in the fourth quarter was the result of a headset issue)

"No, not on that play there, no.  It was a big down there and I do not know.  I will have to look at that on film, I think.  We could have gotten in and out of the huddle a little faster and it was a big down there.  We just missed it, snapped the ball right as it expired.  I thought we could get it off but did not."

QB-ALEX SMITH (on the sack that took them out of field goal range)

"Yea, then it was third and ten.  I tried to step up in the pocket and took a sack.  Then all of a sudden we have to punt."

QB-ALEX SMITH (on what having three close losses says about the team)

"We have got to learn to win.  As far as offense, we have got to come out there and cannot lay an egg in the second half.  We did some good things; we just did not finish those drives.  They are a good football team and made those adjustments.  I just think we need to find some ways to put points on the board in the second half."

QB-NATE DAVIS (on how the NFL is treating him)

"It is treating me well.  Great guys on the team.  That's what helps my progress.  I am still trying to learn the playbook and trying to get a feel for the playbook."

RB-FRANK GORE (on the offense being more open with Alex Smith)

"Alex did a great job.  He looked like a different Alex.  The game is slowing down for him.  WE just have to finish.  We finish, we win this game."

RB-FRANK GORE (on his touchdown run)

"It was a draw play.  I just was patient wit hit.  I let my linemen get on the guys and I just ran through the hole."

WR-MICHAEL CRABTREE (on his goals for Sunday)

"Every time the ball came my way, I was trying to make the most of the moment.  But I'm just taking it one day at a time, one game at a time and one practice at a time. Now we have to go back to the drawing board and I'm looking forward to next week. "

* *

WR-MICHAEL CRABTREE (on whether he's getting in synch with QB Alex Smith)

"It's just football, trying to find that chemistry with the quarterback and with your teammates. I think we're doing a good job and we just have to keep it up. Next week, we just have to go harder at the end."

WR-JOSH MORGAN (on the play of QB Alex Smith)

"I thought Alex played a great game.  He was making his reads quickly.  He showed them some different looks.  I thought Alex played a great game."

T-BARRY SIMS (on anything that changed in the second half)

"They tightened things up a bit defensively and we tried to get some things going, that we felt we would have good success with.  Every time we would take a couple steps forward something would happen were we would end up taking a step backward.  When you give the ball up to (the Colts) offense it's tough.  You have to capitalize as many times as you can offensively and we just didn't do that."

T-BARRY SIMS (on what he saw from QB Alex Smith)

"I thought Alex did a good job stepping up in the pocket and giving a chance for our receivers to get open.  He's getting rid of the ball quick which you love to have as an offensive line.  He needs to get better as things go along and I'm always happy to get in there."

DT-RAY McDONALD (on the pressure they put on QB Peyton Manning)

"We had good pressure on him all day, but we just have to close it out. We had the sacks on him, we had some pressures. We're happy with that, but we'd rather have the win. We had a great game plan coming in, we knew we could get to him up front. We just had to apply that in the game. We did for the most part. We just couldn't pull it off at the end."

LB-TAKEO SPIKES (on the positives you can take from this game)

"Taking everything into consideration, defensively we had a better communication throughout the board.  We played together as a whole for the entire four quarters regardless of where they got the ball at.  We played together and stuck together."

LB-TAKEO SPIKES (on getting better each week)

"Yes, that's the way I look at it.  I have been in this league for a long time.  It's not what you do in the first week of the season; it's not what you do in the middle.  Towards the stretch, November towards December, that's when you have to be hot.  We want to become one of those teams and we will become one of those teams."

CB-SHAWNTAE SPENCER (on defending the Joseph Addai touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne)

"That was solely my fault. All week they told me to focus on the pass and focus on Reggie Wayne. I saw the handoff and then I came up. I watched hours and hours of film and it was something I hadn't seen. Talking to Reggie after the game, he said they hadn't run that play in nine years. It was my fault. I had one responsibility and that's pass coverage the whole day. It was one play and it cost us the game."

CB-SHAWNTAE SPENCER (on losing three road games this year, all by close margins)

"The fact of the matter is, we just have to finish games. All week long you talk about flawless execution, and besides that one play, I thought we came darn close to flawless execution throughout the game. But we just have to find a way to pull these games out. … We just have to mature a little and finish the games."

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