Ryan Lilja and Bob Sanders Mini-Camp Day 3

DB-BOB SANDERS (on new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer) “We’re excited to have him here. (He’s added) a lot of different wrinkles for us.

DB-BOB SANDERS (on new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer)

"We're excited to have him here. (He's added) a lot of different wrinkles for us. Good thing is he'll move us around a little bit more. We're excited. Everything has not been installed yet, but from what he said there's a lot of good things that we haven't done, which is good. It opens up everyone's game."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on his role in new defensive coordinator Larry Coyer's defense)

"It's hard to answer that question now. Like I said, there are some things that we are doing a little bit different, (but) a lot of things are the same. The terminology has changed a little bit. I think once camp comes around we'll know a little bit more on what I'll be doing and some of the other safeties."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on practicing Saturday at Franklin College)

"It was different but it was good. I think it was good for us and for the fans to see how hard we work. When we got started yesterday the tempo was very high and we had a lot of energy. It's good. A lot of fans think we have camp and then the season starts once the first game comes around, but we've been working hard, and it's good for them to be able to see that."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if it was inconvenient to move practice for the day)

"No, I mean we would have been here practicing just as long if we hadn't have been practicing there."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on what his plans are now that mini-camp is over)

"We're still going to be working and keeping up on it. Guys who are injured need to rehab. The other guys need to stay in the weight room and keep conditioning."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on the season seeming to be right around the corner)

"I'm very excited. When you get to this point in mini-camp the season is pretty much here. We're ready to go and excited. It's good to see the young guys come in and see new faces and have guys get to work and get acclimated to what we do around here."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on how the rookies are doing)

"They're doing great. I think this is probably the best group, in my opinion, that I've seen so far in my short career. The guys are coming in, being on top of the details and learning on the run. The defense has been installed very quickly. There have been a lot of new things, but they are learning fast and making a lot of plays."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if he's surprised that the rookies have caught on so well)

"I guess a little surprising, you don't expect the young guys to come in (and perform). They are wet behind the ears and they really don't know what to do, but they've been following the older guys well and picking up on things.

DB-BOB SANDERS (on the Colts safeties)

"(We are) very deep and very talented. It's definitely a good thing for us. It's great to have one good safety on the team, but when you have three or four different guys who can all play on the same level it's great. Antonie (Bethea) has done an excellent job. He's a Pro-Bowler. (Melvin) Bullitt is very good and coming along well. We have a lot of other young guys that hope to make this team and prove to everybody that they belong here. It's great to have those guys around. You just never know when guys are going to get injured and who is going to be playing, and you need those backups to be ready."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on how he feels)

"I feel good. That's all I really want to say about that. I feel good. My soul is good, and I'm in good spirits. I'm doing all right."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on how he feels)

"I'm feeling better. It's been a long year and had a lot of ups and downs, but we're starting to improve, and it couldn't come at a better time. I haven't felt this good in a year-and-a-half so I'm excited."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on the frustration he felt not being able to play last season)

"It's been tough. You hear guys talk about injuries in the game, and it's the toughest part about this business. I saw it first hand. It's not fun to sit out and watch your teammates practice or play in games. I haven't played in the new stadium yet. It's very frustrating. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on the injury giving him a different outlook on football)

"I've come to grips with what can happen after football. I've done a lot of soul searching. You don't take it for granted anymore, and maybe I did before. I learned my lesson. I'm having a blast out there just running around practicing, getting in the huddle and hitting guys and moving around. It's 10 times better than sitting in an ice tub or working with the therapist on your knee all day."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on watching the offensive line struggle last year and not being able to help)

"It's tough. It's tough even if you're winning because you want to be a part of that. When you're losing and you know you can help out-and we weren't running the ball very well, obviously, last year-it's just not fun to know that you're not out there doing your job and earning your paycheck. Hopefully, that was the end of it for me and I can start getting back on the field and working again."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on how much he thinks his return can help the offensive line)

"I don't know if it has anything to do with me as much as the continuity and being out there with the guys. You have the communication, and you saw a lot of guys get shuffled in and out last year and that's tough. Young guys coming in and out and a lot of injuries, that's tough. Unless you play the position you don't really understand how much continuity has to do with the success of the unit and the offense. I think we had a lot of guys come in and play pretty well last year. I played next to (center) Jeff (Saturday) for a while and a season with (left tackle) Tony (Ugoh). I'm looking forward to seeing if I can make a difference."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on people questioning Tony Ugoh's toughness)

"There's no question he has the toughness and the mentality. Nobody works harder than he does. Nobody is more focused out there than he is. He has the mindset of a Jeff Saturday or Ryan Diem, a guy who is working on his craft day-in and day-out. This is only year three for Tony, but he's the first guy in, last guy out. He does all the little things right. He's physically gifted enough, and I think it's all going to come together for him this year. If he can stay healthy, and once again, that's toughest thing, but if he can stay healthy he'll have a great year."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on if he's all the way back healthy)

"This thing is for the last year-and-a-half, nobody has been able to figure it out. I can't make any guarantees or predictions and anybody that can at this point I think they are full of it. I've been getting better for the last three months, and that's all I can ask for. I don't see a reason why I'm going to stop getting better in the next six weeks. It's holding up really well. Every time we test it out it responds very well. I've been doing well lately."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on what percentage he thinks he's at)

"I don't know about percentages. I know I'm not where I need to be right now. Hopefully, I will be in six weeks. The coaches and everybody else will make that decision."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on if he thinks he'll start on PUP)

"I don't know how they are going to do it. My mindset is come August I'm going to be ready to work like every other guy in the locker room. I don't want to be a special case. I've had that going on for way too long, and I hate it. Nobody wants that. So, I don't want there to be any issues with me. Obviously, they are going to monitor how many practices and how many reps I get, but we'll let those wizards in the training room figure that out. I just want to get out there and work and do it like a normal offensive guard should."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on if he had a third procedure)

"Yes, in the middle of December. It's been several months since then. The last three-to-four months have been huge. I've gotten a lot of strength back into (my knee). You do three surgeries, and I had it dinged up the year I first had surgery so you're talking about two years without strengthening your quad. I'm a small man, and I need to be able to push off my legs. That thing shrank up on me pretty good. It takes time to get that thing built up and strong again. We've been working hard at it and we're starting to see the results."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on if he's excited that training camp is soon)

"You know what? The head trainer asked me that exact question. I told him 'This is the first year I've ever been excited about training camp.' To be honest with you, I'm excited to have a job. I'm excited to be doing it all. I feel like a rookie again. Like I said, I don't take it for granted. It is a great opportunity to do what we do with the guys and the organization we have. (Center Jeff) Saturday and (right tackle Ryan) Diem probably think I'm crazy, but I can't wait to get in those dorms and wake up early and start practicing."

OG-RYAN LILJA (on the offensive line's mindset after the struggles the team had last year)

"Absolutely, especially the older guys who have had some success running and passing the ball. Obviously, we didn't do a very good job of that last year. Some guys are walking around with a chip on their shoulder. We're making some slight adjustments with some of the run offense. We want to get that figured out and figured out quick. We want to get it done by training camp. I think most of these guys are excited about what we're doing and excited to run the ball better."

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