Reggie Wayne On The 2014 Colts Defense "In 14 Years, There's Not One That's Played To This Level"

Intro: At Reggie Wayne’s radio show on Tuesday night, No. 87 discussed a ton of topics surrounding the Colts. What did Wayne chat about on WNDE’s Query and Schultz?





INDIANAPOLIS – After Reggie Wayne got the elbow injury questions out of the way on his weekly radio show, No. 87 loved talking about the Colts defense.

Wayne thinks the 2014 Colts defense is the best unit he's seen during his 14 seasons in Indianapolis.

Here are some of the highlights from Wayne joining Query and Schultz:

On the play of the Colts defense:

"I couldn't tell you in 14 years, and we've had some pretty solid guys on defense, we've had some solid defenses, there's not one that's played to this level that they are playing at right now. They are really trusting each other. They are really going out there and letting it all hang out. To just watch them come to the sideline after they have a three-and-out and they come to the sidelines and you see how excited they are, it makes you want to get excited as an offense. When they are playing like that, it's going to give our offense more opportunities to make something happen. You've got to take your hats off to our defense. They are playing at an all-time high level and hopefully, hopefully we can keep them playing that way."

Wayne looked back on the 2006 season and he believes the play of the defense that year is why the Colts got to the Super Bowl:

"As an offensive player, especially a receiver, you've got to love that because it's giving you more opportunities to get a pass thrown to you or get more offensive plays compared if you had a defense that would constantly allow opposing offenses to drive up an down the field and that's given you less opportunities to go out there and make a play. For example, if you take last week's game against Cincinnati, there were so many three-and-outs…

"There's been a couple times where I take my seat on the bench and as soon as I sit down, I get right back up. That's good. I'm not complaining because that means I'm nice and warm and we can keep firing away. It's exciting. I find myself plenty of times, especially last game, on the sideline and really being a fan when our defense is on the field. I'm really watching exactly what's going on because guys are just flying around, making so many plays, playing with great enthusiasm. I'm just watching them in awe at times because they are playing so well."

Wayne then went in-depth on why he thinks this is the most balanced team in Indianapolis:

"I would have to agree with that because of our special teams. Our special teams are playing great also. Adam Vinatieri is doing his Hall of Fame numbers as he always (does). Pat McAfee is stepping up his game and he's being an outstanding punter. As a unit, our special teams group is going out there and playing at a high level also. We really feel like going into each game, if you take all three phases, the team that wins two of those three phases, is probably going to be the team that wins. And each week, for the last five weeks, we have been winning two out of three phases.

"I really feel like we have something special. Like I've been saying, we have the balance. Just all across the board we have something special."

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