Reggie Wayne Hosts Charity Event For The American Cancer Society

Intro: On Friday night, Reggie Wayne hosted an event to benefit the American Cancer Society at Dunaway’s in downtown Indianapolis. People who purchased a $125 ticket got free food, drinks and attendance to an autograph session with various Colts players.





INDIANAPOLIS –As Reggie Wayne watched a three-minute video of two-year old Ava Parker, the Colts wide receiver already knew what was coming.

The singing, loving and smiling girl he was watching had just lost her battle with cancer and for Wayne it was time to go to work to raise money for a cause No. 87 holds close to his heart.

On Friday night, Wayne hosted a charity event at Dunaway's in downtown Indianapolis to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

"Whenever it comes to kids, it's something I always want to get my hand involved in. I wanted to come out on her behalf and just fight back and try my best to get as much help possible for cancer research," Wayne said on Friday.

"It's sad to see little kids lose their lives to something they couldn't do anything about. I'm excited to be here. It's a sad occasion but at the same time it's a good occasion."

Fans attending Friday night's event began lining up an hour early to get a meet and greet with numerous Colts players and coaches.

Those fans might consider people like Wayne a "hero" but the 35-year old wide receiver quickly corrected any such statements.

"We are far from that. People that go through things like this on a daily basis, that's the real heroes. People who support our country, that's the real heroes. We are just entertainers. I look up to people like (Ava Parker)," Wayne said.

Cancer has hit Wayne hard with several friends and his aunt losing their lives to the disease.

When Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia, Wayne's already shaved head was one of a couple dozen the Colts players donned for the 2012 season.

Wayne showed his support for Pagano with a career-high 212 receiving yards and a comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers back on Oct. 7, 2012.

On Friday night, Wayne wasn't rocking his typical No. 87 blue jersey.

Instead, his fresh suit and dress shoes that were "Colts blue" indicated a night of trying to raise money for a cause that his teammates have fought for before.

"As far as the players, one of our things is we want to serve. We want to serve the community and we want to serve each other," Wayne said.

"Whenever we have something going on, everybody wants to be a part of it and that's what we have tonight."

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