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QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if the bye week is coming at the right time) “Well, we hope it is. I think it’s up to us to make it a positive bye week.

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if the bye week is coming at the right time)

"Well, we hope it is. I think it's up to us to make it a positive bye week. We had good work today. I think the idea is to get some rest, obviously, and get some guys healthy. We have a long stretch, starting with St. Louis next week. It's important to try and get some rest this week and get recharged and hopefully, come back playing at a high level after the bye. That's the main thing."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he'll go down to New Orleans to watch his brother and the Giants play at the Saints)

"I don't know. I'm not quite sure what my plans are going to be. I'll definitely be watching some football somewhere."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the bye week meaning that some injured players will be able to return)

"It will be great to get them back. Certainly, offensively, we'd love to get OT-Charlie (Johnson) and Gonzo (WR-Anthony Gonzalez) back. You certainly want to be at full strength for the core of your season. The key is staying healthy for these next 11 games. I think everybody would like the bye to be about week eight, right down the middle (of the season). It's fairly early, but we have had some injuries early on, so if this bye helps some guys get back that normally wouldn't be back this soon, that's a positive."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the addition of K-Matt Stover)

"I just found out about that all today. We hope K-Adam (Vinatieri) gets back real soon. I've seen Stover make a lot of kicks throughout his career. Hopefully, it will work out for everybody."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on his knee)

"No concerns. It feels fine. (I went through) a normal practice today. It's a non-issue."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on being 5-0 headed into the bye week)

"It always feels good to win the game before the bye week. We've had a couple of times around here where we've lost the game going into the bye week, and it does put a little bit of a damper on your bye week. That was a good win for us on Sunday night, on the road, in the division. It's one win. I think Coach Caldwell addressed the fact that we won five games, but that doesn't guarantee us anything. It's important for us to come back after the bye and not have any kind of letdown. Hopefully, (we'll) get better in these next two weeks of practice and be a better team coming off of the bye."

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