Pep Hamilton Talks No-Huddle; Greg Manusky Updates Starting Safety Battle

Intro: The Colts were back inside Macholtz Stadium on Sunday morning for their closed morning walk-through. What did the Colts coordinators and Vontae Davis have to say to the media on Sunday?





ANDERSON – As with most mornings at training camp, the highlights come from the media sessions with Colts coaches and selected players.

The Colts were back on their normal camp schedule on Sunday with a closed morning walk-through before an open practice on Sunday afternoon.

In today's media scrums, Pep Hamilton talked about tempo and Greg Manusky shared his thoughts on the safety battle.

Also, Vontae Davis talked about being back on the field with Greg Toler.

Pep Hamilton on the opening drive from the starting unit on Thursday night:

"We wanted to of course start fast and try and dictate the tempo of the game, try and dictate the tempo to the defense, more importantly.

"I felt like we had a pretty good rhythm once we got started. We converted the first third-and-long situation that we had and we were able to make a few plays after that."

Bowen's Analysis:* *Hamilton is a frequent recipient of the tempo question and he offered some more perspective on the topic after Sunday morning's walk-through. It was clear the Colts wanted to speed things up a bit with their offense on Thursday night.

Hamilton says it is a "double-edge sword" in trying to implement a hurry-up attack. If you go three-and-out, then you are leaving your defense out to dry. It's clear Hamilton wants to be able dictate tempo in a variety of ways and do that successfully. The biggest thing Hamilton is looking for is to present conflicts for what defenses must defend when facing the Colts.

Greg Manusky on the position battle at safety:

"I think all are in the same battle. It's hard to just say that after one game this guy is the starter. You want the body work of going through training camp and that's why at the end of training camp we will announce the starters."

Bowen's Analysis: Manusky didn't budge when pressed about the starting safety spot next to LaRon Landry. On Saturday, we saw Colt Anderson get some extended action with the first team defense for really the first time in the past week of camp. Anderson now joins the likes of Delano Howell, Sergio Brown and Mike Adams in that battle.

The Colts do leave Anderson on Wednesday but the "Training Camp" portion still goes on through the Colts third preseason game. You would like to get some game looks at how these guys play alongside Landry before naming a starter.

Vontae Davis on getting back on the field with Greg Toler:

"Greg, the sky's the limit for that guy. He's got a lot of ability.

"We are from the same area (D.C.). That's my guy. We are like brothers. We are a close-knit group back there. (Toler) brings a lot of energy and you can feed off one another."

Bowen's Analysis: While the Colts have waited for Davis to return to the practice field, it's Toler that has been the lone locked in starter on the backend of the defense. Now with Davis back in the fold, the Colts have their starting corner duo together with Darius Butler an elite nickel backer.

Davis himself has the potential to become a Pro Bowl corner. Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky says for Davis to reach that status his interception numbers will have to rise in 2014 (Davis had just one last season). Of course, that can be difficult to achieve if offensive coordinators and quarterbacks have enough to respect to not throw at you.

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