Pat McAfee Doing Some Free Agency "Recruiting"

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INDIANAPOLIS – The month of March will be a busy one for the Colts re-tooling their 2015 roster.

Mathis "re-instagrammed" a post from Jerry Hughes which was a picture of No. 98 and Dwight Freeney pressuring Chicago's Kyle Orton. The Hall of Fame candidacy for both Mathis and Freeney will be interesting to watch with both of them still looking to add to their more than productive careers.

Several Colts teammates reached out to Overton via Twitter to congratulate him on his new deal. The off-the-field comment from Davis could not be more spot on. Overton is a constant in the Indianapolis community and attended Ball State's Dance Marathon for Riley Hospital last month.

McDonald, who holds four college degrees, is one of several Colts dipping into their philanthropical side this offseason. On the field, McDonald is one of the few safeties under contract for 2015. He played on special teams last season for the Colts after being undrafted in 2014.

For the second straight year, Ballard is in rehab mode. Earlier this week, had an article on how Ballard is coming along after consecutive, non-contact, season-ending injuries. If the Colts can count on Ballard for any production in 2015 that will be a welcomed sign to a backfield filled with questions.

It's recruiting season around the NFL and McAfee led the charge a couple of times this past week. I don't expect the "recruiting" to stop anytime soon with free agency starting on Tuesday. In all seriousness, the Colts do have a pretty impressive package to offer with a proven playoff team led by a budding star at quarterback.

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