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An Interview With:             INDIANAPOLIS COLTS     THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

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THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  Of all your touchdown passes, is there one that stands above all the rest and can you talk about compared to Tom Brady the two Pro Bowl receivers that you've played with that it has got to make your job a little easier?

PEYTON MANNING:  Playing quarterback is a tough job, no matter what team you're playing for.  But obviously there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't been thankful to call Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne teammates.  They're special players and every accolade they've received they deserve because they work hard.  Their work ethic is second to none.  I can't think of one particular touchdown that I've thrown to Marvin -- maybe one that stands out was my first one.  It was actually in a preseason game we were playing out in Seattle.  I'm pretty wide-eyed and pretty nervous.  On the third play of the game the headphones go down.  The call doesn't come in, so kind of panicked and nervous so I just kind of called a basic three step drop, the most basic play you have, and Marvin catches it and runs 50 yards for a touchdown.  I said, 'This NFL isn't all that hard.'  That was kind of a special one.

But both those guys, like I said, real thankful we call them teammates.

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            Q.  What have you learned from the two previous playoff games against New England?

PEYTON MANNING:  Well, obviously we've had quite a history with these guys and really since Coach Dungy has been here, it's been the seventh time we've played them.  I think every game has its own identity, its own story and certain plays have kind of decided the outcome of the game.

So I think in a lot of ways the past games are somewhat irrelevant to this year's game.  Obviously the more relevant game is the game we played earlier in the season because it's this year's players and it's the 2006 team.

So as you think back and recap all the games, usually just the team that executes better is the team that's won the game.

Q.  Peyton, you usually are a routine guy, you talk to us on Wednesdays.  Today you're talking to us on a Friday.  What's your routine been like this year?  Has it been difficult, out of sorts in any way?

PEYTON MANNING:  Actually it's been a good routine, good week.  Usually I talk once a week to the media.  And so I was kind of encouraged that Friday was the day when more people would be here, be more convenient.  So basically what I usually do on Fridays during this time, which is studying tape and getting some medical treatment, I kind of did that on Wednesday.

So I've been able to keep my normal routine and also I wanted to be able to dress up and look good for you, be here.  A lot of contributing factors.

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