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Conference call – Arizona vs. Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell 9/23/09   On if there is any concern with playing a Monday night road game then flying back out to Arizona on a short week: “It is always a difficulty in terms of travel and things of that nature.

*Conference call – Arizona vs. Indianapolis *

Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell


On if there is any concern with playing a Monday night road game then flying back out to Arizona on a short week:

"It is always a difficulty in terms of travel and things of that nature. We have had to do that on several occasions before. I think probably the most recent one that we did similar to that with a six day turnaround was in 2007. We played Jacksonville and Carolina with the same kind of rhythm, except we played the afternoon in Carolina. It is just one of those things where you get some unusual opportunities that we certainly enjoy. Two real fine teams that we have had an opportunity to play on primetime. We are looking forward to it."

On QB Peyton Manning's mental abilities as a quarterback:

"I think he is a very unusual guy just in terms of his preparation and getting ready for a game. It is really a sight to behold in terms of viewing his state of readiness. It is a lot different than maybe other individuals because of the fact that he pours over so much film and gathers so much information. Often times, you will find that some people can gather all of that information but not be able to utilize it. He not only can gather the information and regurgitate it, but he can also use it in a nanosecond during the course of a game. He is a guy that is very, very serious about his craft and works on improving upon it every day."

On if, as QB Peyton Manning's former quarterbacks coach, he had to be on his toes because Manning was always gathering so much information:"

"There is no question about that. I think there are some that might be able to associate with this particular analogy or description. It is like teaching a gifted student. It really is a challenge to you in terms of your preparation and in terms of your knowledge of the opposition. Every single day you learn something. There is a lot of give and take in those settings. If one comes in with an open mind and you realize you can also learn something along the way, I think you will benefit yourself greatly. I say that good teachers typically check their ego at the door. What they are there for is to make certain that the individual they are working with comes out and is well prepared as much as possible. That is the real key."

On if he was surprised that the Colts won the game on Monday night despite being outplayed:

"Let me answer the question by saying first, no. Secondly, follow up by saying; we have had so many games similar to that through the years. The great comeback at Tampa that we had. I think most people shut their televisions off, went to bed, woke up the next morning and they realized that we had won the game. We had a huge turnaround in Houston a year ago where it looked like it was all said and done with about three minutes to go in the ball game and we turned that one around to win. We have had a number of situations that have come up through the years that we have been in similar circumstances and been able to come out with victories. I think that has a lot to do with the culture around here. It has always been one where the guys always believed they have an opportunity to win. They just need enough time to get it done. They are going to press you until the end. I think you find that is the case with most real competitive teams in our league. Almost every team is structured that way."

On if he sees similarities between how QBs Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning can read defenses:

"There is no question about it. They see things so quickly and they can take advantage of them. Not only that, but their experience level is something that benefits them greatly. Both of them are very talented physically. Both of them are real gifted mentally. They are able to certainly dissect a defense in a very short period of time. There are not too many things that they have not seen."

On if it is a challenge keeping two star receivers happy with the number of touches they get in the offense:

"I just think overall, and not just talking about that position, but overall the nature of the individuals that play this game want to be a factor in the game. They want that ball as much as they possibly can. Whether it is a running back or a quarterback wanting it in his hands to be able to deliver the ball down the field. Whether it is a wide receiver who wants the ball. I think all the great ones want it and they want it often. Your challenge as a coach is to try to obviously get the ball to them and get it to them enough times where they feel good about what they are doing to help your team. That is the thing that we looked at year in and year out. Reggie (Wayne) still is carrying along with some great numbers for us. We have some other guys that are kind of filling in that gap."

On what rookie RB Donald Brown adds to the Colts' offense:

"He has been a great compliment to Joseph Addai. Obviously, as you well know Joseph is our starter. Donald has been coming and giving Joe a little break, but also adding his own dimension to our offense. He is a hard-nosed guy. He is tough. He caught on extremely well to our offense, so he has been able to get in and be a factor early on. He is not one of those guys that we are concerned about putting into a game because he may not know a phase. He knows everything that we are doing. That is because of the kind of individual he is. He is a hard-working person. He comes early and stays late. He is very bright. He is a great combination."

On how the coaching staff has challenged QB Peyton Manning over the years:

"For the most part, he is one of the guys, and once again I will say this about the entire league and not only Peyton (Manning), but he is intrinsically motivated. It doesn't take a whole lot of creative sort of ideas to get him to get motivated about his job. He comes out every day. He is a self starter in every facet. He does not get bored. That is the thing that makes him so unusual. That is the thing that makes those guys like Peyton and (Kurt) Warner, that have been so consistent over the years. They love what they are doing. They have passion for what they are doing. They don't have to be motivated by any sort of outside impetus at all. They motivate themselves. They look forward to an opportunity to get better."

On his reaction to QB Kurt Warner's performance against Jacksonville:

"Here is what I know. He is as accurate as they come. I think he is leading the league right now in terms of his completion percentage at a little over 71 percent. You know, he is a guy who understands what winning is all about. He has a complete understanding of defensive schemes and how to adjust his protection to handle some unique situations that may be presented to him. He knows how to get the ball in the end zone and he knows how to spread it around. He is as fine a quarterback as there is in the league."

On if it is difficult to apply his personality to a team that still relies heavily on the attitude of former head coach Tony Dungy:

"We have changed some things, but we didn't change them for the sake of changing. Number one, we looked at everything and we examined every single facet of our organization. The other thing that we know is that there is a lot of wins wrapped up in the way we do things around here. There is not a whole lot of change. The other thing you have to understand is that I have been here for seven years prior to this time. I have been indoctrinated. I was with Tony (Dungy) in Tampa. I believe in how we do things. I believe in the system in which we have, how we practice, and so on and so forth. Those things are all engrained in me, so there is no sense in changing any of those things. Don't make a mistake and think that this is an unimagined replication of what has been done in the past. We tweak where we need them, but I'm also not one of those individuals who has to believe you come in and place your stamp on things. Our team is obviously a lot more important than one individual."

On his impressions of the Cardinals when he interviewed to be the head coach in the past:

"I did indeed interview with their organization. It is a first class operation. I felt that I had a good interview during that time period. I really enjoyed being able to sit down with Mr. Bidwill and several other people within the organization and get a good feel for how things were done out there and present to them how I would do things. Obviously, the Lord has his own time. His own way of going about things. They made a great choice and certainly Ken (Whisenhunt) is doing a tremendous job. I certainly have a great opportunity here."

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