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Colts Mailbag Weekend Edition: Should The Colts Trade Up For Joey Bosa?

Intro: In Saturday’s mailbag, readers inquire about Clayton Geathers and D’Joun Smith, adding a bigger wide receiver and the rest of the free agency outlook.


INDIANAPOLIS – Each week, readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Wednesday or Saturday mailbag.

With the abundance of questions in recent weeks, we will have two mailbags each week. This one comes via a weekend edition (here's the Wednesday version from this week).

Nathan D. (Flagstaff, AZ)

What is the likelihood of the Colts picking up a wide receiver in the mid to late rounds? Prospects like Charone Peak, Jay Lee, and Malcolm Mitchell would fit into the what the Colts lost in Andre Johnson and Coby Fleener as somewhat larger targets compared to TY and Jacoby Brissett.

Bowen: The Colts are going to add at least one more wide receiver at some point this offseason. They only have three wide receivers on the roster that have caught an NFL pass (T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief and Phillip Dorsett). I like you're thinking on a bigger target to complement the already in place pressure applying speed trio. Remember, Andre Johnson played around 65 percent of the team's offensive snaps last season. Obviously, Dorsett will eat up a lot of those but the Colts still could use another body or two to round out the group.

Mike L. (Peru, IN)

If Ronnie Stanley or Joey Bosa is at 9 or 10th overall do I think the colts would move up 8 or 9 slots to pick one of them. Because colts need to protect Andrew so if you select Stanley you slide Anthony to right tackle and have Stanley at left tackle. But you could also select Bosa if he's at 9 or 10 because the defense needs big help and he's one of the best in the draft. You could have Bosa and Mathis on the outside and Henry and parry in the inside. Thanks GO COLTS!

Bowen: Mike, I definitely hear what you are getting at with such a scenario. However, trading up nearly 10 spots in Round One is going to cost you a substantial package. You have to remember the Colts only have six picks and the higher-ups have already talked about how valuable those selections are with a restricted cap moving forward. Those are great talents in Stanley and Bosa, but the Colts have multiple areas to address in this year's draft.

Chuck F. (Fort Wayne)


Since the team is going to be playing in the HOF game I know that means training camp dates will be different. Have you heard anything requarding a mini- camp? Those are always a fun day for us fans ! It also gets us to see the new coaching staff!

Bowen: A full offseason program schedule was released this week. Typically the team has held an open mini-camp practice the second Wednesday of June at Lucas Oil Stadium (this year on the 8th of June). The practice has taken place around 5:30 in past years. For Training Camp, with the Colts' first preseason game on Aug. 7, expect the team to report to Anderson around two weeks before that date (July 24ish). That's what the CBA allows for (15 days before a team's preseason opener).

Pedro K. (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Hey Kevin! What do you think are the chances the Colts go after Wisnieswki to upgrade the Center position? He's relatively young and has some starting experience and I believe he would at least add some healthy competition for the starting spot, even if we bring another C through the draft. Any thoughts?

Bowen: I'm a little surprised to have seen Wisnieswki last this long on the open market. We are approaching a month into free agency and arguably the No. 1 center is still out there (Alex Mack opted out of his contract). We've talked about the Colts' tight cap space so that's something to take into account when pondering about any free agent. Jim Irsay mentioned in Florida about how finding a center in the draft would be an ideal scenario. That appears the route the team wants to take in addressing the interior.

Martin G. (Topolcany, Slovakia)

Hi Kevin, thank you for your quick answer. Because I am from Europe, I don´t have much information about college players but I understand that we could draft talented pass rusher in 1st round. I would like to know your opinion about this year pass rushers and who could be the best fit for our team and if this player could make instant impact in his rookie season? And also a I read that Aldon Smith (former 49ers and Raiders)is a free agent and if is there a chance that we could sign him? I understand that he had issues in the past but he is still very young (26yo) and already proven OLB. Under coach Pagano´s leadership I believe that he could be our future star. Thank you for your answers and I wish you Great day.

Bowen: The two most popular names coming up in Mock Drafts are Noah Spence (Eastern Kentucky) and Leonard Floyd (Georgia). Spence started his career at Ohio State and has his red flags. He was banned from the Big Ten for failed drug tests. On the field, Spence is a very natural pass rusher and all signs indicate he has cleaned up his earlier off-the-field issues. Floyd doesn't have the eye-popping sack numbers from college and many pundits believe he could still put some weight on to thrive in the NFL. The Colts feel that there is some depth off the edge, but they know those positions are of premium once the clock starts ticking. The Aldon Smith situation is something he has to figure out first before a team thinks about bringing him in. Multiple events off the field have Smith suspended for an entire year (suspension started last November). Let's have Smith take care of himself and see what happens with the reinstatement process before we talk about him playing in the NFL.

Mike S. (Belgrade, Serbia)

Hey Kevin,

Longtime listener, first-time caller. I was just wondering if we draft Scooby Wright, who do we have already on the roster that would best fit the Shaggy role? How about Velma?

I'll take my answer off the air, thanks.

Bowen: The jokes are rolling in from across the pond. For those confused, Scooby Wright was one of college football's most productive linebackers the past few years at Arizona. Injuries are a concern for Wright. Ryan Grigson has mentioned that he likes the inside linebacker position in this year's draft class and that remains a need with Jerrell Freeman gone and D'Qwell Jackson turning 33 years old this season.

Chris A. (Kentucky)


Keep up the great work! Is there any word on the development Clayton Geathers and D'Joun Smith and how they play into next years plans? I feel that with the addition of Robinson and the potential they have that the secondary could be better than expected next year. Had the same question about Sio Moore and Nate Irving but saw someone beat me to it the latest mailbag.

Bowen: Chris, you have read my mind. I'm hoping to write something on those two second-year defensive backs by mid-next week. The Colts are really looking forward to seeing Geathers in a full-time starting role. In the couple of starts for Geathers last year he certainly made his presence felt with a physical style of play from the safety position. He will get a chance to start next to Mike Adams. Smith is more of an unknown. If the injury problems are no longer around, Smith will have a chance to receive plenty of first/second team reps throughout the offseason. You need quality depth at cornerback right now in the NFL so even if Smith doesn't start (which is expected playing behind Vontae Davis and Patrick Robinson), he still can provide plenty of value in nickel/dime looks.

Matt W. (Plant City, FL)

Hi Mr. Bowen quick question could we see the colts getting a bigger receiver such as the german sleeper in the draft Moritz boehringer?? I think him being 6'4 225 running a 4.37 would be great for luck and the colts offense with hilton and Moncrief. I know its not a big need but colts have had issues getting touchdowns and i believe having a big receiver thats fast and 2 smaller fast receivers would give any defense a problem plus the colts haven't had a BIG fast receiver. What is your take on this Mr. bowen?

Bowen: You can check out some highlights of Moritz Boehringer here. Given the Colts' background in signing/exploring such players, I'd be shocked if they didn't at least do their research on the 6-4 wideout. Like I said above, bringing in another wide receiver is going to happen at some point this offseason. The bigger target option makes plenty of sense for what the Colts already have at receiver (don't forget about Phillip Dorsett when talking about speed guys.

Donald C. (Boise, ID)

What happened to Josh Robinson? He looked like a real steal last year, ended up on practice squad, and now I don't even see him on the team anymore.

Bowen: Josh Robinson never regained the momentum he created for himself last August. Some fumbles and injuries led to Robinson going off the active roster and eventually he was placed on injured reserve. He was not brought back and remains a free agent. Colts' brass talked last week about the need to go find veteran backups this offseason and they've done that with Robert Turbin and Jordan Todman. They still haven't ruled out the possibility of drafting a running back either.

Marissa M. (Brandon, FL)

Kevin what are your thoughts of trading back into the first round, early second and loading up on draft picks like we did the one year with Bob Sanders? We all miss that monster! I really like this William Jackson III guy...

Do you think he will be gone in the first round?

Bowen: We've heard a lot of fans want to trade up into the draft, but this seems much more realistic to me. With only six picks, the Colts would, of course, love to acquire more. But it's so hard to predict if any trades will unfold until the board starts falling in late April. As far as Houston cornerback William Jackson III, he seems to be rising in Mock Drafts, into the first round. Cornerbacks are definitely a premium position and it appears Jackson is worthy of first round attention.

Dustin Perry (Virginia)

Hey Kevin,

I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. With all the colts needs for this offseason C,G,olb,Ilb,Rb,CB, depth at s,wr,CB. Do you think that the colts could or will make multiple 4-7 round trades? I've looked a Lot in to some positions of need and the players in 4-7 could possibly be starters for us this and definitely next year. 6 picks and only one notable free agency move isn't enough to make us a contender again.
  1. Speaking of depth at wr, not many colts fans are gonna like this(believe me I didn't when I heard this at first). Pagano said that they plan on adding a wr somewhere on the draft. I was mad when I heard this but if you look who other than Ty, Moncrief, and Dorset who do we have Quan bray is more of a return guy than wr? We need depth and a fifth round prospect I found I personally think fits us well. Wr Cody Core Ole miss. He is 6'3 we don't have a tall wr he would be that wr and he has speed and is hard to bring down. Do you think the colts like him enough to draft him in the 5th of we can trade to get more picks that would be perfect I think.
  1. Paul Perkins Rb Ucla he grades out as a late fourth round. Like I said great picks in later rounds. He has great spend and is patient and let's his blockers go to work before he does. I think he could be a steal if we could get him in the forth round. do you think pagano could draft him if he is there when we pick?
  1. Last one, I know a lot of people want Noah spence. But I think we should Floyd. He fits our scheme and spence dosent I don't think we should risk standing up a 4-3 de and making him a 3-4 olb (remember what happened last time we tried) and on the note of lbs I read we are meeting with Dieon Jones this week. If we could get the speedy hard hitting lb in the second round I think it would be an amazing pick up. Espically with how good manachino is at devolving lb. Do you think the colts are considering drafting both of those guys?

Thank you for the time

Go colts!!!

Bowen: Well, Dustin isn't holding back this week. No. 1-Yes, I do think the Colts could be active in the latter rounds, however don't forget about undrafted free agents. No team has found better success with UDFAs in the past 15 years than the Colts. That will be another area the team looks to find a contributor or two. No. 2-This question was asked several times this week. Yes, the Colts are going to add another wideout at some point in the offseason. You have to think a bigger option will be enticing given the current talent already on the roster. No. 3-Even with the Colts adding a couple of running backs in free agency, they aren't closing the book at all in the backfield. It makes plenty of sense. Robert Turbin and Jordan Todman are on one-year deals and Frank Gore is about to turn 33. Hence the reason to entertain the thought of drafting a running back later this month. No.4-It's impossible to know who exactly the Colts are coveting. But safe to say any impact defenders are going to get a long, long look from this staff. Also, just because a 4-3 defensive end making the switch to a 3-4 outside linebacker didn't work doesn't mean a team should totally rule out drafting those guys again. It's a case-by-case scenario.

Gustavo M. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hey Kevin, how are you doing?

Big fan of the Colts from Brazil (ever since I've discovered football, back in 2002).

My question for you is regarding Colts' division competition. All other AFC South teams seem to be way ahead of us right now and their rosters look pretty complete. How are Mr. Grigson and co. adsressing this issue? And please, tell me Luck's getting some kind of protection this year =)

Kind Regards from Brazil!!


Bowen: Gustavo, great to hear from you. I'm doing well. Little quiet period right now before the players return to the building on April 18 and the draft from April 28-30. The AFC South has been expectantly active this time of year. That's what happens with young quarterbacks not warranting the contract Andrew Luck is about to sign. Saying other teams are "way ahead" of the Colts isn't telling the entire story. I think people are putting a little too much stock into these AFC South teams all of a sudden making a quantum leap to the top of the division. Tennessee and Jacksonville have top-five picks this year. It's a lot to ask them to all of a sudden challenge for double-digit wins after winning five or less in recent seasons. I do think those teams are improved, but it just doesn't happen overnight. As free agency has taught us, the six teams who have spent the most over the last decade have combined to win just one playoff game. Free agency doesn't cure all. The Colts still have enough in place to once again challenge for the AFC South crown.

Ray E. (Beaverton, OR)

Thanks for Mailbag. I am hoping for a great pickup in CB Robinson. Is there still a free agent WR out there that could fill that position & not have to use a possible draft choice? I really see no need to use a draft choice on a RB either.

Bowen: We've touched on both of these topics throughout the mailbag, but I'll add something here. Yes, I could certainly see a free agent wide receiver being an option. The Colts only have three wide receivers on their roster who have caught an NFL pass so a veteran option makes plenty of sense. When you think about running back, you can't ignore the future at a position so often filled with injuries. Frank Gore turns 33 years old next month, Robert Turbin and Jordan Todman are on one-year deals. That's why the possibility of drafting a running back remains an option.

Stan C. (Minneapolis, MN)

Hey Kevin, we fans appreciate you accommodating the bigger load of fan questions as the draft approaches.

I have a question that might impact the Colts' first round selection. Looking at the linebacker corps, the team is high on bodies but low on impact. More importantly, though, they're low on long-term leadership. With Bjoern Werner being a cut bust, Jerrell Freeman making his way to Chicago, D'Quell Jackson likely being an age casualty after this season, and Robert Mathis sitting on the wrong side of 35, this unit is in need of a long-term leader.

To me, this makes Alabama's Reggie Ragland very appealing. Obviously, the team has a ton of needs and would be justified going any number of different directions. That being said, Ragland has been touted as a leader in the Alabama locker room, a team that thrives on discipline and strong leadership. Having someone like that would go a long way towards giving the unit a central voice once Mathis moves on.

How much do you think intangibles like leadership have on a player's position on a team's board? Do you think the loss of Freeman coupled with the need of a defensive leader could push Ragland over a more talented player at a bigger position of need like EKU's Noah Spence?

Bowen: Stan, it's been a while. We definitely have seen an influx of questions with the draft rapidly approaching. In terms of your question, you are spot on with this sort of thinking. I do think teams (and the Colts) weigh such intangibles in the process. The Colts are currently in a bit of a shift on the defensive side of the ball. The team wants to "build pillars on defense" as Jim Irsay said down in Florida last week. That means finding new leaders. As you know, Ragland and Spence play different positions so I don't think you can directly compare the two. But I do believe the leadership aspect of a player like Ragland is something that can be a considered a major positive for a prospect. Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't seen more Mock Drafts with Ragland coming to the Colts. Not only did the Colts lose Jerrell Freeman, but D'Qwell Jackson is turning 33 this season.

Jonathan M. (New Jersey)

With the draft coming up quickly, why haven't the Colts made more of an effort to obtain anybody during the off-season knowing the defense needs all the help it could get besides giving a big contract to Dwayne Allen and just now picking up Patrick Robinson? Why didn't they make a better effort to obtain Sean Smith, Leon Hall, Reggie Nelson, Janoris Jenkins, or Prince Amukamara?

Bowen: The Colts entered the 2016 offseason with a much more restricted budget than what they've worked with in past offseasons. They were never going to be big spenders and there's no way they had the funds to acquire two of the cornerbacks you mentioned. The asking price for several of those guys was quite steep, too. The Colts know they will have to address their other needs through the draft. That's life when your franchise quarterback is nearing a mega deal.

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