Seventh-Year Veteran Tight End Dallas Clark will blog on bi-weekly throughout the season. In this installment, Clark talks about playing at Jacksonville on a short week and clinching homefield advantage.


Colts TE Dallas Clark Blog-December 16

Having a short turnaround and playing on a Thursday at this point in the season is tough, but if there is a positive, I think it is that we are playing a division team, just because it's a team you know well. You're already kind of fighting against time, with your regular film study and everything, and you don't have time for your normal routine. So it's kind of nice knowing the team and being familiar with some of what they do. It's the same for them, too, though. They have a good idea of what we do. So, it should be a good game. It's always been a close one, they're a tough team, and we don't expect anything different come Thursday.

Our first goal as a team each year is to win the division. We were able to do that, and then you move onto your next goal, and that is to try to achieve homefield advantage. With the win against Denver we were able to do that. It does help as far as the bye and playing at home, but we also know the other side of it where it doesn't mean a whole lot unless you take advantage of it. When we won the Super Bowl, we had to go on the road and win, and we had homefield advantage in 2005 and lost against Pittsburgh, so it definitely doesn't mean we're guaranteed of winning anything. We still have to go out and play the game and execute. Homefield is a good thing, it's a sign that we're doing things the right way, but there's still room for improvement.

Looking at some of the accomplishments this team has had over the years, including this year, it's hard to win three in a row, four in a row, but to achieve what this organization has, it just means a lot of guys are working hard and buying into the system and trying to improve each week and staying humble, not thinking that by just showing up we're going to win. We've had to practice hard and play hard and been taking it one week at a time against good competition. It's one of those things that the record and the streak, it's nice, but that's not really why we play. We play for the bigger goal, and that's obviously going and winning a Super Bowl. It doesn't mean anything unless you reach your ultimate goal. Those types of records are fun when you're done playing and you can look back and say you were a part of that team, but we're not done. We've earned the right to be in the position we're in, but we know as players that there's still a lot of work left to be done.

I will keep updating you every couple of weeks here throughout the season. GO COLTS!

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