Fifth-year veteran defensive back Kelvin Hayden will blog on bi-weekly throughout the season. In this installment, Hayden discusses the positives of the bye week.


Colts DB Kelvin Hayden Blog-October 16

It's great heading into the bye week 5-0. Coach Caldwell gave us a little treat of giving us an extra day off, not because we're 5-0, but because guys have been executing and been on the details. It's always great for the coaches to give you a little recognition that you have been doing well thus far. But being 5-0 doesn't really mean anything; one, because it's still early, and two, because we've been 13-0, 9-0 and 7-0 before, and that doesn't guarantee a championship. So we need to take 5-0 for what it is and continue to get better and take it game by game. The bye week is good for a number of reasons, one being that some guys have injuries that they want to rehab and recover from. So the bye week comes into play at a great time for myself, missing the last two games, and it gives me an extra week to rest and recover.

It also gives you a chance to spend time with family and friends that since July, you've been at work and putting in time and haven't necessarily seen them as much as you would like. So it's always good to get a weekend off and spend time with your children, your family, your friends, and just get your mind off of football for a few days.

One thing I do plan on doing is going to watch my former high school team, the Hubbard Greyhounds, play. I talk to my high school coach almost every week. He asked me to come to the game and watch my team, and I want to say they're on a seven-game winning streak, so they're feeling pretty good. It's always good to get back to my high school and get back to the roots where it all started. I try to get back during the offseason as well, just to be around those guys and let them know they're still in my thoughts. Of course everybody's dream is to play in the NFL, and to see someone that's in the NFL come back, it gives you that extra hope, that extra feeling.

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