Fifth-year veteran defensive back Kelvin Hayden will blog on bi-weekly throughout the season.


Colts DB Kelvin Hayden Blog-January 8

This weekend will be nice, because this is something we've been working for since training camp. Going back to August, we set our goals as such that first, we wanted to win the division and then lock up homefield advantage and get the first-round bye. Everything that we set out to do, we've done that so far. It's just a credit to the whole team and organization, buying in to do whatever it takes to win. It's rewarding to be able to take this weekend and relax, get away from it for a few days and then come back with a fresh mind and body on Tuesday to get ready for our next opponent.

You can't help but watch the games this weekend. It's going to be fun to sit back and relax and watch guys battle to keep their season alive. It's the playoffs, it's win or go home. You want to get that feel, check out the atmosphere of the other games going on. I guarantee you that everybody sitting down and watching the game is going to have jitters, and at the same time be so excited and fired up and ready to go next week.

Once we come back on Tuesday, it will be a new season, a new feel. Guys will be ready to go out there and play hard and fast and compete, because if you lose, that's it, you go home, season over, mission failed. We just want to continue to take steps to complete our mission and have fun while we're doing it. When we get back to practice, 14-2, the regular-season record and accomplishments, none of that matters. We had a great season, but we want to have a better post-season. You can tell guys are ready to get out there next Saturday, put everything on the line. All the work we've put in, from OTA's, mini-camps, training camp, it was for a reason, they were stepping stones to our main goal. Now is when you start to realize that, and you want to make all that work you put in count for something. It's a new season, a new mission we're on.

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