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Hey Colts Fans!! I am Audra and I am the official scribe of the Colts Make It Personal Tour.  Basically, that means I am going to be blogging about all my adventures as an intern for the Colts.  I won't lie to you; this is a first for me.


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Hey Colts Fans!!

I am Audra and I am the official scribe of the Colts Make It Personal Tour.  Basically, that means I am going to be blogging about all my adventures as an intern for the Colts.  I won't lie to you; this is a first for me.  I have never written a blog before, but fear not I am a quick learner.  I can almost guarantee that by the end of the summer, you will be so moved by my blogs that I will have brought tears to your eyes (I've been known to do that).

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself since we will be spending the entire summer together.  I am just finishing up my senior year at West Virginia University and will be graduating this Sunday (graduation gifts can be sent to the Colts complex!!).  I am graduating with a degree in Sport Management and minors in Business and Communications.  Now I know you must be thinking, why is a girl from West Virginia working all the way back in the Midwest with the Colts?  Well it is quite simple; I am from Noblesville, IN and I happen to be one of the biggest Colts fans you will ever find.

Besides being an alumnus of what I think is the greatest college in the country and a die hard fan of what I would consider the greatest professional football program in the country, I happen to be a tad superstitious.  For instance, sitting on my desk at school, where I do all my homework, is a tiny plastic elephant.  Some people probably think, hey she just likes elephants, but the truth is much more complex.  My friend Maddy happened to notice the elephant one day and mention that they brought good luck.  I shrugged it off thinking how can a tiny elephant bring me luck, but just in case she was right the elephant was not to be removed from my desk.  When the end of the semester rolled around I took a look at my grades and by my surprise Maddy was right; the elephant did bring good luck.  I had received my best grades as a student that semester.  Since then, the elephant has not been moved off my desk for fear that my grades will drop.  Now you are probably thinking to yourself what does this have to do with Colts football, well you are right, it really has nothing to do with Colts football.   I wanted to give you a taste of my superstitious side so you could be prepared for my football superstitions.

When I was little, I would always ask my dad (p.s. the greatest dad ever) what team we were cheering for at the beginning of every season.  When I was eight, my dad told me that we would cheer for the Colts.  I was given a jersey, and this is when the superstitions began.  Every Sunday I wore that Colts jersey, and every Sunday since I have worn that same Colts jersey (I haven't really grown since then if you were wondering how it still fit).  So every Sunday, I wear that jersey and immediately hang it back up in my closet.  The only time it gets washed is if the Colts lose and we need to wash a way the loss, or if I happen to spill something on it so bad that my roommate actually makes me wash it.  Not only do I wear the jersey every game, but I sit in the same seat, eat the same food, and yell the same cheers.  And I know deep down inside that if I falter in any of my game day superstitions on Sunday (or Monday or Saturday or even Thursday now) that the Colts will be the ones to feel the effect.  This is why I take my superstitions so personal.  I would hate to be the reason that the Colts ever lost a game.

Superstitions are what make being a fan so much fun. You have the opportunity to make it personal between yourself and the team. And now what better opportunity to make it personal than the Colts summer long Make It Personal Tour. I hope to see all my devoted readers out on tour this summer. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned. Don't forget to look for me. I am the intern with the note pad and camera permanently attached.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments, fan mail, or just so I know someone actually read the blog.

Hope to see you all Monday (5/19) in Lafayette for the first Make It Personal tour stop of the year from 4-6PM!!!

Go Colts!!

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