Colts/Bengals Post-Game Quotes

August 29, 2003 HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the game) “Our defense played well and we had the turnovers when we needed them. Offensively, we weren’t able to get any consistency.

August 29, 2003


"Our defense played well and we had the turnovers when we needed them. Offensively, we weren't able to get any consistency. We would have liked to have gotten more shots on offense, but they were able to hold the ball and make some third down plays. All in all, it was a good way to end the pre-season."


"We were going to look at Brad as a returner. We just didn't get the opportunity to do so in our previous games. I thought Brad played well for us tonight."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on making decisions for the final roster)

"It's not one game that makes or breaks a player. We as a staff have been evaluating leading up to tonight."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on coming out of pre-season into the regular season)

"We accomplished some things that we god to see this preseason. We had at least five TD drives. We had some turnovers tonight and we did everything except the two-minute drill tonight. The best part is that we remained healthy for the most part. We fed off the defense which created some turnovers for us."

DE-RAHEEM BROCK (on his fumble return for a touchdown)

"Scoring a touchdown in the NFL is a defensive lineman's dream. We practice picking the ball up (on a fumble) every day."

WR-BRAD PYATT (on his big day returning kicks)

"This was probably the biggest game of my life because it was the last chance (before roster cuts) to show what I can do. I showed the things that I can do, and hopefully they liked what they saw."

WR-BRAD PYATT (on his kickoff return for a touchdown)

"It felt good. At the end, I started to get tired. I haven't ran that far in a long time. I'm just glad it happened."

DB-DAVID MACKLIN (on his interception return for a touchdown)

"It was a good play. When I got my hands on the ball, I wanted to take it to the house. Our main goal on defense is to get turnovers. I made a good break. It was a combination of a bad throw on his (QB-Carson Palmer) part, and a break (on the ball) on my part."

TE/FB DALLAS CLARK (on his focus for the regular season)

"It is good to get this preseason over with. We are healthy for the most part. My ultimate goal is to stay healthy. If you stay healthy, you give yourself the opportunity to make plays and get better."

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