Chuck Pagano: The Ultimate Recruiter, Coach for Arthur Jones

Intro: Back in 2012, Arthur Jones showed his support for Chuck Pagano by shaving his head. Now, Jones will try to help bring Pagano a Super Bowl Championship.


INDIANAPOLIS – "It's just hair."

That's what was going through Arthur Jones mind back in 2012 after a razor removed that hair from the top of his head.

There was a reason why Jones was going for a clean look for the first time in his life.

He was doing it in support of a friend, a mentor and a man that he will now hear a lot more from in the foreseeable future.

"It's just to show that we care and love him…" the clean-shaven Jones said in 2012.

Him is Chuck Pagano.

The now Colts head coach was Jones defensive coordinator in Baltimore and a different appearance was the least "Art" could do for "CHUCKSTRONG".

When Jones and Pagano sat down for dinner on Tuesday night, the Colts newest defensive lineman remembered all the reasons why he loved playing for the man across the table.

"He brought so much passion to the game and a guy that loved his job and really loved football. Anytime you have a coach like that, that loves to win, you would love to go to war for him," Jones said of Pagano during a conference call.

"Every single day, I enjoyed him. He's a great coach, had an open door policy. He's always been that type of guy. It was definitely a no brainer when the time came."

Jones joined the Ravens in 2010 and played on the same defense that Pagano coordinated during Baltimore's run to the AFC Championship game in 2011.

Pagano's title has turned to "Colts Head Coach" but Jones sees the same type of man he heard on the practice field in Baltimore.

"He's a guy who loves his job and he's passionate about winning. He's not about himself. There are a lot of coaches that are about themselves," Jones said.

"One thing about Chuck, even when he was at Baltimore, he was 'leave your ego at the door.' That's something that he would always say. If we want to get this thing done as a common goal, we all have to be on one page. When you have guys that buy in like that and see the passion that he has for his players, and truly care about his players, it makes you want to show out for him and it makes you want to give whatever it takes, to play hurt, or whatever it takes to win that game."[


As Jones walked around the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Thursday, he felt a similar feeling to the one he had in Baltimore.

Jones brings a Super Bowl pedigree with him to Indianapolis and now, back under the guidance of Pagano, he's eager to embark on the pursuit of another ring.

"During this process, I told my agent I didn't want to go to a team just to receive a lot of money. At the end of the day, I wanted to have that opportunity to win another Super Bowl," Jones said.

"I want every player in the NFL to experience that confetti falling. That's the reason why we play the game, to win championships. I've been blessed enough to win one Super Bowl, and to have the opportunity with a strong, rich tradition (team) like Indy, is amazing."

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