In his first season as Colts quarterback coach, Clyde Christensen’s expectations have been exceeded by the maturity of quarterback Andrew Luck.


INDIANAPOLIS – Colts quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen isn't afraid to admit that he's been a little bit surprised by his rookie pupil Andrew Luck.

The duo isn't even a month into the 2012 regular season but Luck's cerebral personality is something that has Christensen confident in the rookie's future.

"Football maturity-wise that has been so impressive to me that he's been so even keel," Christensen said. "Especially for your first time through this thing, and especially with the little offseason that he's had, I think that's been the impressive thing that there hasn't been surprises. The surprise has been that there haven't been surprises. So that's a compliment to him."

Christensen said for most rookies, it's unheard of not to have ups and downs but Luck's ability to bounce back from mistakes has been key in his development.

Luck has taken responsibility for the offense's shortcomings in the second half the last two weeks and it's that maturity which has impressed Christensen.

"That's probably what I've been most impressed with is that he makes a mistake and he fesses up to it, 'Boy I screwed that up, I messed that up, I'll get that right,' and then he fixes it," Christensen said. "Anything you give him after a ballgame or the next week, the next week he comes in and he's fixed it or he's working on it. That's key in this league."

With the Colts closing out their bye week, Christensen looks at this time as the 'unofficial end to training camp' for Luck.

While finishing up his degree at Stanford, Luck did not have the full load of an entire minicamp and therefore has received a heavy workforce since training camp began in late July.

The past two weeks Luck has engineered five separate scoring drives in the final two minutes of the first and second halves.

Christensen had a long list of reasons on why he has been so amazed with Luck but how he handles those pressure situations might top it.

"At the end of the half and at the end of the games, he's been veteran-ish in his handling of the two-minute offense and given us a chance to win those games," Christensen said. "He's been really impressive in (the two-minute offense) and I think it's just because of his demeanor and just his steadiness and he just keeps going. He has a great understanding of what's going on so he's going to get better and better."

The bye week offers Luck a chance to head to West Virginia to visit with his family before returning to the grind on Monday.

"We'll talk a little bit (during the bye) but I think the goal for him, my goal that I set up for him was just to get away from it," Christensen said.

"I just really think he needs to get away from it and relax and let down for a second. It has been a long haul from training camp and we've got a grind ahead of us. These 13 weeks in a row will be a long haul, so the best thing he can do is get away from me and football and just rest and relax and let his brain shut down and do something fun for a couple days and then we'll go back to work on Monday."

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