Chargers Post-Game Quotes vs. Colts

SAN DIEGOCHARGERS vs. INDIANAPOLISCOLTS POST-GAME QUOTES   HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on advancing to the AFC Championships game) San DiegoChargers vs.


HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on advancing to the AFC Championships game) San DiegoChargers vs. IndianapolisColts 1/13/08

"I said it last week, it's always about the next game.  And we have our work cut out, we know that.  But this group will respond and get ready and, you know, it's exciting.  That's why you coach, that's why you play.  You want to win a championship.  That's what you do it for.  And we've gotten closer each of the last two weeks."

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HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (general comments on game) San DiegoChargers vs. IndianapolisColts 1/13/08

"There's a mindset in our league that our guys kind of play good and are frontrunners, but when the going gets tough or they play a good team or when things get challenging, they don't rise to the occasion.  That's been mentioned a few times this year to me and suggested a few times, and I think we've put that thing to rest.  I think that one's done.  We've got some guys who compete and fight and scratch and claw as good as I've ever been around. I told them in the lockerroom, I've been doing this a long time, a long time in this league and a long time before, and I've never been around a more gutsy performance by a team.  And the adversity, the things that happened during the game, the injuries, our guys never backed down.  It's one I'll remember in terms of individuals stepping up and doing the things you talk about and competing.  That's a special game."

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HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on replacing the injured starters during the game) San DiegoChargers vs. IndianapolisColts 1/13/08

"That's part of it, but the way our guys responded.  No one put their head down and said, 'well, we're on the road, we're playing a good team, the crowd noise, we haven't got a break, we had things called back that you looked at and thought why did they call that back?' And our guys just kept fighting.  We had a lot of guys, in all three phases, make big-time contributions to this win."

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HEAD COACH NORV TURNER (on a rematch with New England) San DiegoChargers vs. IndianapolisColts 1/13/08

"You know what?  We want to play the best we can.  We wanted to find out a way to come in here and play this game, and we accomplished that.  We'll catch our breath, we'll go see where we are from a health standpoint, and then we'll ready to go.  Hopefully, we've talked all along, we wanted to play our best game in January, and, hopefully, we

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