Bobby Petrino Atlanta Falcons Conference Call

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on his assessment of his NFL run this far) “Well, we’ve been battling.

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on his assessment of his NFL run this far) * *

"Well, we've been battling.  We've had some ups and downs, a tough start at the beginning with all the controversy.  We came back after the bye and we're 2-1 after the bye.  Like to have won the one last week, but that didn't happen."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on the veteran role of LB-Keith Brooking)

"He's done a real nice job of moving from the Will-Linebacker to the Mike-Linebacker.  It took him a couple of games to get use to it, but every game I thinks he's playing better.  He's done a real nice job of providing leadership to everybody.  He's still playing well, he's making a lot of tackles and doing a good job against the pass."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on what stood out about Brooking during his initial assessment of the team)

"He was an easy one just because he's a guy that practices hard every day.  He's a very good student of the game, and gives you everything that he's got."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on the challenges of working with your second and third quarterbacks)

"That's what we've had all year long.   We had Joey (Harrington) and we brought Byron (Leftwich).  We haven't been able to look back, we've just been going since game one.  This is a very short week.  We'll get a good practice in today and a little bit of walk-thru tomorrow and that's about it.  There's not a lot different you can do, we've just got to execute better."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on how the quarterback situation affects things)

"It definitely is an advantage that Peyton's (Manning) has been running that offense for a long time.  It's easier to go out and do things without many reps at practice, if that's what you're asking."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on who's the starter at quarterback this week)

"You know I know that but I would rather tell our media first before I tell you guys, so I think I'll wait until this afternoon to really let everybody know."

HEAD COACH BOBBY PETRINO (on his thoughts of Joseph Addai)

"I think he's a very good player.  I think he does a great job of running for them.  We've got to do a good job of tackling because he breaks a lot tackles.  They always get him into good runs.  Peyton does a great job of getting him into runs where the numbers are right for them to block.

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