Bob Sanders

DB-BOB SANDERS (on San Francisco RB-Frank Gore) “He’s going to run downhill. We expect them to get him the ball.

DB-BOB SANDERS (on San Francisco RB-Frank Gore)

"He's going to run downhill. We expect them to get him the ball. They have two great players on their offense that they are going to try and get the ball to. We have to make sure that we do like last week, run to the ball, swarm tackle and hit him hard."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on looking at himself on film after last week's game at St. Louis)

"I'm always real critical of myself. I thought I played okay after the game, but when I go back and look at it, I feel like I missed some tackles. I left some plays out there that I should have made. Tackling should not be an issue for me, whether I haven't played in a year or two years. It shouldn't be an issue. It's something that I've constantly worked on. I just have to make sure I get better."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if this is his preseason)

"I do not want to look at it that way, because in preseason you make a lot of mistakes. You try to get ready for the regular season. So, I do not want to look at it as a preseason game because it's crucial. We're doing well, but I still have to make sure I'm where I need to be making plays."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on the reality that this is kind of like a preseason for him)

"To me, it's not, but in all reality, yes, it's kind of like my preseason. I haven't been out there. I haven't been practicing. I didn't go through camp. This is like OTAs, slash camp, slash preseason. I'm trying to get it all together."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on how his knee felt after the St. Louis game)

"No swelling. I just have to make sure that I continue to maintain and keep getting stronger."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if he'll have more reps this week in the game)

"I'm not sure yet. We'll probably know closer to the end of the week, but right now, just don't know."

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