Baltimore Ravens Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on the impact of the regular-season game relative to this game) “It’ll have an impact in the sense the Colts have a chance to study it, and they’ll have an idea of where we’re at in our latest game.

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on the impact of the regular-season game relative to this game)

"It'll have an impact in the sense the Colts have a chance to study it, and they'll have an idea of where we're at in our latest game.  You just kind of extrapolate how it might affect this next game."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on updating QB Joe Flacco's health)

"Not really. We get an injury report tomorrow and we'll see what it is. He played, so you saw it."


"I think he's been a really good player for us.  Obviously, he's a weapon. You look at the Colts, and they have lots and lots of weapons. You have to have some guys who can make plays, and he's a guy that's been able to do that for us really throughout the whole season.  Throughout the course of the two years he's been here, you peel away the layers and you find the next thing is pretty good. You haven't really found too many things that he can't do up to this point."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on Rice's personality and character)

"Just the kind of guy he is, we knew that in the draft. We had him as a high-character guy. We had targeted him in that hopefully, somewhere along the way, we could get him in the draft. After we traded back to get Joe (Flacco), then we were able to trade back and pick up some more picks and still get Ray, which was really valuable. But he's a guy we wanted just because we knew what kind of person he was and we had done a lot of homework on him. We got him here, and those things were true, even to a greater extent. Even with the success he's had, I'd say we've found those same things to be true even more."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on the plusses of the 3-4 defense, one of them being not knowing when and where guys will be coming from)

"That's probably the biggest thing.  It's not quite so defined as far as whether it's going to be a four-man rush format and who those four rushers are necessarily going to be in the base look. That kind of extends itself out to all the pressure packages. It's just a little more to determine. You only really can determine necessarily three of them as a rule. Then, in the 4-3, you kind of can determine four of them to start with. That's probably the main thing as far as the pass rush part of it. Most teams set themselves in terms of what's best for their personnel. You look at what the Colts have done and they've set their 4-3 up, and that even front up, about as well as you can personnel-wise. It kind of goes to personnel as much as anything."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on LB Terrell Suggs being back on defense)

"He's kind of a complete player.  People kind of focus on the pass rush stuff, but I'd compare him to (the Colts') guys – (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis. People talk about the pass rush, but then they defend the run exceptionally well. Terrell is probably a different kind of rusher than those guys, but in the same category as far as being able to do both parts of the game really well."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on whether his brother Jim, who coaches at Stanford and was a former Colts QB, will be at the game and what sideline he'll be on)

"Yeah, well, he'll be on our sideline for sure. I don't know if he's coming or not. He's got recruiting going on right now. He loves the Colts. I guess I say that – hopefully he'll be our sideline. He better be, right? But I don't know, I think he would. He loves the Colts. Every time I walk in the new stadium, and the old place, to see his name up in there in the Ring of Honor, it just makes you so proud. Mr. (Jim) Irsay and what he's meant to Jim and our family, I just can't say enough (about) the friendship over the years. Even when I was a college coach coming to visit training camp, he'd come over and spend time with us. It's just a tremendous, phenomenal organization. Matter of fact, Jim just hired Mr. (Bill) Polian's son, (Brian), on his staff. There are just a lot of great connections there."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (responding to a joking suggestion that Jim Harbaugh's name will be chiseled from the Ring of Honor if he stands on the Ravens' sideline)

"Well, we'll put him in the middle then.  Can we stand him in the end zone, how about that?  I'd hate to see him on the other side. That would be painful. I'm sure he'll be torn in some ways. Like I said, the Colts are his team. That's the team that kind of made his career and where he feels at home the most for sure. He's proud of his association with the Colts and Indiana."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (responding to a joking suggestion that Jim Harbaugh and IU basketball coach Tom Crean, who is married to the sister of Jim and John Harbaugh, can wear a composite Ravens-Colts jersey of some sort)

"The split jersey, we should get that together. Tom has a great relationship with Bill Polian, too, and I know Coach (Jim) Caldwell. He has been up to practices, so it's kind of a tough one for us in that sense."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on the possibility of trying to motivate his team by using their "underdog" status as they come into a hostile stadium)

"I'd like to, but I just don't know how you do that.  In this stage of the game, everybody knows everybody is good. As far as forecasting the game and that kind of thing, the teams don't get involved with that. I know the Colts players and coaches, they don't care about any of that. What you might read in the media…what you do, you talk about the game and maybe try to say, 'Well, I think this will happen or that will happen.' That just doesn't mean anything as far as the way the game is going to be played. As much as I'd like to be able to do that, I just don't think there's much advantage to it."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on his thoughts about the fact No. 1 seeds haven't fared particularly well since the NFL has gone to the 12-team playoff format)

"I wish I had a theory for you.  To be honest, I haven't even really looked at it. I don't know what the numbers are. Gosh, it just doesn't even matter for this game. This game kind of stands on its own, I think, like all of them do."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on which team the pressure is on)

"I don't know. It doesn't matter. Hey, we have to come in there and play in front of that crowd and play that team. That's going to be a big challenge for us. We just respect how good they are. That's the bottom line.  Look at how good they are. We saw it first-hand here already once."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on what he recalls from playing in Indy a year ago)

"I recall it wasn't very pretty. I recall them getting out in the first half and pretty much knocking us out. It was a real tough day for the Ravens."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on losing defensive coordinator Rex Ryan to the Jets)

"Look at what they've built there defensively. It's a credit to him. I think we tried to do the best we could. It's turned out pretty well. We've played good defense, especially the last 10 or 11 games. I'm proud of our guys for the job they've done with that. This challenge, every week stands on its own.  This is the ultimate challenge, going against this Colts offense."

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on where Coach Crean might be for the game)

"I don't think he's going to be able to make it to the game. They have a game the next day, so they have their pregame meetings and all that the night before. How's that for dodging the question?"

HEAD COACH JOHN HARBAUGH (on the mental matchup between linebacker Ray Lewis and QB Peyton Manning)

"It is (a great matchup). Nobody's better in the game than Peyton Manning. We played probably the other guy in that category last week (in the Patriots' Tom Brady) and nobody's better than Peyton as far as recognizing defenses and making great decisions in terms of where to go with the ball and those kinds of things, getting them in the right play, probably the best that there's ever been at that.  I'm kind of biased toward Ray Lewis, obviously, having been with him these two years.  He does that (getting the team in the right plays) and he does so many other things.  He's a great leader, he still can move around, he can play, he runs from sideline to sideline, he makes tackles, he's good in coverage, he's good between the tackles.  That Pro Bowl honor has been deserved."

RB-RAY RICE (on his 83-yard TD run last Sunday)

"I think I have a little speed in me.  It was just one of those plays, you don't get too many holes like that.  They close fast.  I think the second level is where running backs make their hay.  You have to be able to make a guy miss, and you have to take it the distance at times.  Sometimes you get close, sometimes you have to be the one to take it the distance."

RB-RAY RICE (on him emerging over the last two years, not just with that run)

"I consider myself a work guy.  I didn't miss a day in the offseason.  I (treat) the offseason as your season.  What you put into the offseason is what you're going to get during the regular season.  When you put all the chips together, you try to turn yourself into a complete player, and that was my ultimate goal."

RB-RAY RICE (on going against former Rutgers LB-Gary Brackett)

"(Gary) is probably still a lunch-pale guy, but he's a class act.  My ultimate relationship with Gary Brackett (began) actually when Coach (Greg) Schiano spoke about his story and his situation with his parents, and when I got to meet him, I kind of looked up to him, because he beat all the odds, he beat all the odds and he's still beating the odds.  I think our stories are very similar in a sense that we're not very big, but he can flat out play the game."

RB-RAY RICE (on Brackett and Rice going against one another)

"It's funny because it's a physical, competitive game, but at the end of the day, it's a big brotherhood.  It's a big brotherhood, that's what the game of football is.  Win, lose or draw, you shake his hand.  We definitely will see each other again.  It's bigger than football.  You realize you're playing a game, it's bigger than football, but obviously every team's ultimate goal is to win.  That's when the competitive nature comes out."

RB-RAY RICE (on Brackett and Rice being quick guys with quick feet)

"He has very quick feet.  I think I have quick feet, but people underestimate how fast he is.  It's hard to block the guy because how nifty he is getting around blocks."

RB-RAY RICE (on DT-Eric Foster)

"He was our bundle of energy at Rutgers, so I can imagine what they're getting over there."

RB-RAY RICE (on how much he took from last week)

"We had a one-game season, considering our situation.  We had bumps along the way, but our playoffs started a little early.  We started a little early, and I think that's an advantage for us knowing that we've been through everything.  The Colts, they're a great team, but I think we've been through more than they've been through.  They took care of business, a credit to them.  They had a bye week, which is great, everybody gets their rest.  I'm sure they're getting their rhythm back in sync, but we just had it the hard way, a different route, and it brings us all here to the playoffs and this divisional game."

RB-RAY RICE (on if he has to do more than the first game in November)

"I don't have to do more, I have to take what I'm given.  Their defense is good.  We have to score points.  If the game is anything like last time, we held them to 17 points, that's unlike the Indianapolis Colts.  We just have to score points and do a great job of trying to keep Peyton Manning off the field.  We have to score in 7s and 3s, whatever way, we need points on the board."

RB-RAY RICE (on his relationship with Ray Lewis)

"Me and Ray, from day one, I knew he was a special player, you could tell, but you really have a bond with somebody and they're a special person when they're sharing their wisdom with you.  He's a man of wisdom.  There are no secrets to his success.  You follow the guy, and you'll be successful.  He's not going to lead you in the wrong direction.  There's a saying, 'It's alright to follow, but choose who you follow, and choose wisely and eventually you'll become a leader.'"

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