Andy Studebaker Lends Helping Hand

Intro: In the holiday season, here’s a story of Colts linebacker Andy Studebaker lending a helping hand to a man in need earlier this month.





INDIANAPOLIS – Andy Studebaker didn't have to stop and help Tyler Jones.

It was a Tuesday, Studebaker's off day, and his family was busy driving around their new home of Indianapolis.

The couple encountered the young Jones pulled over on the side of the highway and the Studebaker's plans would have to be put on hold.

Instead of continuing to run errands with his wife, Studebaker pulled over and helped Jones and his young child.

However, his day of helping Jones would not end there.

Studebaker waited until a tow company arrived and then gave Jones a ride around town so the young man could finish the errands that he was planning on doing before his car broke down.

Following Studebaker's act of kindness, Jones contacted the Colts via Facebook to thank the linebacker…

I know this is long lonnng over do, but this is my personal thank you to you for all that you are. I now know the meaning of true heroism in today's world…

...This man literally decided to give up most of his day and time to ensure that I could go about my own day with a few less problems on my plate. Even more amazing is that he was WITH his family and running errands of his own during his personal time when he decided to stop help me get going and on my way. Thank you again Mr. Studebaker for all the time, effort, money, advice and kind service that you provided for me and that cold and dreary day, Jones wrote.

In this season of giving, there was Studebaker still learning his way around the city of Indianapolis yet lending a helping hand to a person in need.

"You always assume help is on the way in a world with cell phones and all that right here at our fingertips," Studebaker says.

"You always assume that but it doesn't hurt to check with that stuff."

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