Virtual NFL Draft, Jacoby Brissett's New Role And QB Landing Spots

Larra Overton, Jeffrey Gorman and Jim Sorgi are back on this week's Colts Official Podcast.
0:00 – 8:18 A Virtual NFL Draft
8:19 – 16:06 Jim Sorgi talks QB Prospects and possible landing spots for free agent QB's
16:32 – 19:28 Colts Players Changing Numbers
19:29 – 21:22 Colts Draft coverage from a media standpoint
21:23 – 30:31 Jim Sorgi talks about the role of Jacoby Brissett moving forward
30:32 – 40:20 The roster missing out on time to meet the new additions due to the COVID 19 Epidemic
40:21 – 48:05 What Larra, Jeffrey and Jim have been filling their time with