Philip Rivers, NFL Draft And Roster Moves

Larra Overton, Matt Taylor, Jim Sorgi and Casey Vallier are back on this week's Colts Official Podcast.

0:00 – 6:42 Social Distancing entertainment update

6:43 – 10:17 The one Colts player you could experience social distancing with.

10:18 – 19:17 What to expect from Phillip Rivers with the Colts in 2020?

19:18 – 23:27 Do you expect Jacoby Brissett to be the backup quarterback next season?

23:28 – 29:09 Can you get a franchise quarterback outside of the first round in the upcoming draft?

29:10 –32:23 What to make of Joe Haeg and Josh Andrews leaving the Colts in free agency.

32:24 – 35:14 Why did the Colts move on from Pierre Desir?

35:15 –39:37 Where do the Colts sit among AFC South teams after their free agent signings to this point?

39:38 –44:37 Could the NFC South be the best division in football next year?

44:38 – 45:58 Former Colt and XFL start PJ Walker gets signed by the Panthers

45:49 –47:54 Can you watch old games and still be entertained?

47:55 – 52:07 Do you think the NFL Draft should stay on the calendar where it is?