Official Podcast: T.Y. Hilton Returns, Free Agent Signings

The Colts Official Podcast returns this week with Larra Overton, Matt Taylor and Casey Vallier.

0:00 – 13:09 The return of T.Y. Hilton and what he'll add to the Colts' offense in 2021.

13:10 – 17:20 How important were the Xavier Rhodes and Marlon Mack signings in free agency?

17:21 – 20:56 What do the signings of Sam Tevi and Julien Davenport do for the Colts' depth on the offensive line and should they still draft a tackle with a premium pick?

20:57 – 23:39 With Jacoby Brissett gone in free agency, who has the leg up on the backup quarterback spot in 2021?

23:40 – 25:58 Will the Colts still have a "one-one punch" approach in the running game next season between Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack?

25:59 – 37:10 "Would You Rather" featuring Colts draft day scenarios.

37:11 – End – Matt Wilkening, Senior Content Creation Specialist for the Colts, regarding Season Three of the "With the Next Pick" video series.