Official Podcast: Robert Mathis Ring Of Honor, NFL Teams Returning For Camp

On this week's Colts Official Podcast, Matt Taylor, Jim Sorgi, Andrew Walker and Casey Vallier discuss the latest Colts topics.

0:00 – 4:23 What is the best moment to enjoy a cold beer?

4:24 – 10:31 How deserving is Robert Mathis to go into the Colts Ring of Honor?

10:32 – 16:23 What's your favorite Robert Mathis moment?

16:24 – 20:09 Which players from the 2000s are still deserving of the Colts Ring of Honor?

20:10 – 23:41 Which current Colts have a good chance to one day land in the Ring of Honor?

23:42 – 34:26 Can NFL teams realistically follow all the protocols put in place next season regarding COVID-19?

35:27 – 42:27 Should the NFL eliminate preseason games in 2020 because on-field work during the spring didn't occur?

42:28 – 48:15 What do player only workouts look like this summer?

48:16 – 55:35 In light of Lamar Jackson's tumble over a jet ski, what summer activity would you not be able to give up if you were a professional athlete that would be frowned upon by your team?