Official Podcast: Marlon Mack, Jonathan Taylor Rungame And Impact Of Philip Rivers, Xavier Rhodes

The Colts official podcast is back this week featuring Larra Overton, Andrew Walker and Casey Vallier.

0:00 - 3:34 How happy are you to see things opening back up again in Indiana?

3:35 - 8:45 Which Colts' veterans were most impacted by the Colts' 2020 draft class?

8:46 - 11:52 What does a 1-1 punch with Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor look like in the running game?

11:53 - 17:55 Were you surprised to hear that T.Y. Hilton will only sign one more contract before retiring from the NFL?

17:56 - 22:10 What can an elite running game do for Phillip Rivers next season?

22:11 - 25:44 Can Xavier Rhodes regain his Pro Bowl and All-Pro form in 2020 with the Colts?

25:45 - 29:50 What do you think will be the Colts' record after the first quarter of the regular season next year?

29:51 - 31:38 What are your thoughts on the Colts' 90 man roster at the moment? Strengths? Weaknesses?

31:39 - 35:06 Why don't rookie draft picks sign right away under a slotted wage scale system?

36:07 - 45:25 What did you think of ESPN's The Last Dance, and what Colts moments are worthy of a sports documentary?

45:26 - 51:43 What's left on your DVR at the moment?